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    Gojo has CEUs, ?CDC, are you an APIC member as they have great webinars.

    Here are a couple of sites.

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    Yes the first flush is contaminated as you have entered a closed system. Do a literature search on reusing flushes and you will find there is the potential of bacterial contamination and when you flush again you are flushing potentially bacteria into the patient. The CDC just released new guidelines for the practice of IV therapy and infection prevention.
    The issue of placing the flush on the alcohol prep pad I ask you do you know how long C diff spores live on a surface? 5 months.......ok next question, what will not kill C diff spores? Alcohol, so what if this was your mother, the nurse accidentally contaminated the syringe with C diff spores.....this is how transmission occurs.
    Have you seen the Curos caps, this will solve your problem.
    Donna Stanley-Kelley, RN, BSN, CIC