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  • Dec 21 '12

    I want to thank the OP and those who responded for this post... I failed LVN school, one class by a couple of points. Did very well in other classes (As/Bs) and in clinicals I excelled. It came as a shock to myself and others. Very disappointed to say the least. I know exactly where I went wrong. It was encouraged that I re-apply to repeat the 2nd semester (January). It's been almost a month now and felt like there was no hope. Now after reading this post I feel like there are options and would like to know if the OP has gotten into another school, what's happened since?

  • Nov 24 '12

    I think it all depends on your manager, honestly. It's not like you are leaving because you did your one year and are looking to advance like so many people do. You are relocating. I'd give a month notice, tell them your wife's job has relocated her across the country, thank them for giving you an opportunity and call it a day. Your manager will either be understanding due to the circumstances, or she won't. Ask your charge or a colleague if you could use them as a reference just in case. Either way, HR can still verify employment.

  • Oct 24 '12

    Future nurse what school did you graduate from?

  • Oct 24 '12

    Depends where you work at Henry Ford but on a med/surg type unit you get about 8 weeks orientation as a new grad. Pay starts at $25.31/hr plus shift differentials which I can never remember. I think its $2 for weekends and some percentage for afternoons and midnights.

  • Jan 23 '12

    i think u have to be an rn to start any rn-bsn program, all schools require this. i called excelsior college about their rn-bsn they told me to call back when i pass the boards. i was just looking for general info. from what i understand, you can apply w/o your rn but you have it to start. good luck to you.