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  • Oct 12 '17

    I get motivated by looking at RN/Nurse Practitioner salaries and compare them with what I make how (as a CNA) : ) ...I also work in a hospital so I see RN's constantly and that gives me motivation.

  • May 23 '17

    Quote from Poi Dog
    If anything, being a CNA has kindled my fire to become an RN.
    This! I work on an oncology/hospice floor in a hospital and I LOVE it! Yes, it's hard work and can be very frustrating and tiring but I believe it is my calling. I don't want to be anything other than a nurse.

    Quote from DarkBluePhoenix
    God,I like being a CNA but then again I know I could not do this forever!
    I am a go-getter type person and I hate being on the bottom of the medical-profession-food-chain. So I know I want to move up.
    I want to become an RN, then eventually an NP.
    Its all about what you really wanna do, in your heart... you will make the right choice!
    This is also so me!! I've always been the one trying to keep moving forward and I love school so getting my RN, and eventually my NP is a no-brainer....