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    Thanks for all of the input and support! Another girl that had an interview this week said they were hoping to have their final decisions by next monday so I'll know soon one way or another ::fingers crossed::

    Obviously my specialty is perinatal, but after a few months of applying for those specific units, I've definitely started branching out and more recently started applying to any new grad position in CA and haven't really had any luck there so far either. I think I might email a couple of the instructors from my MNNC class and get their advice because otherwise I don't really have connections to the medical field (I went to school in LA and none of my family/friends are in hospitals). At this point, I'm really worried that investing more money/credentials isn't going to get me the job over someone else, I'm worried it's my interview skills. I've scored several interview over the last year, but never get passed that point; I've researched and prepared quite a bit before each one and am very confident in my communication skills, but I must be doing something wrong... anyways, I'll keep you updated when I hear something from UCSD

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    Hi there! I'm sorry you didn't get an interview, you say you're working as a PP nurse for Sharp, how long have you been doing that? (I know they are very strict about new grad programs and having to have less than 6months of experience)... Just fyi, we also have a thread going here for others that are involved with this program application:

    I have a BSN (got it fall 2011), did my preceptorship in L&D, took the MNNC class, have my NRP and ACLS and am a member of AWHONN. I also volunteered in 2008 at Sharp Memorial. I feel like I've done everything I have been recommended to do and can afford to do, but something just isn't working for me. Any advice/input as a current nurse?

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    nursesworkhard- They didn't give a specific start date during my interview, but they did say that they wanted to have job offers out before "the holidays" so my best guess is that it wouldn't start until at least late January.

    daisy36- not everyone will receive a reference email. During my interview they said that an email asking you to give a heads up to your references that they will be contacted is the next step in the hiring process after interviews, so if you receive that email, I would say that's a good sign. I'm not sure about the letter of rec thing- I believe UCSD would contact your references via email and have specific questions or just want a concrete reference, so they probably aren't looking for a "letter of rec" at that point, but if that's all your references would be able to offer, it's better than nothing.

    jylo- good luck on your interview tomorrow!!

    Anybody else's UCSD job status change from "referred to hiring department" to anything else yet? just curious- mine has remained the same.

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    Quote from daisy36
    I have an interview on Friday. Do you guys know how many they're hiring and how many they're interviewing?And thebushies, are the references like for places you've worked/volunteered references or like for people who will put in a good word for you references? Thanks!
    Good luck in your interview tomorrow!! Let us know how it goes

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    I had 8 people on my panel. The references are for professional references (like those you've worked with that can vouch for you). I interviewed last Tuesday and haven't heard anything yet (eeeek!). I mostly spoke about L&D as that is where my preceptorship was and that is my ideal unit to be in (we did talk about NICU and PP a bit too).
    If you don't mind me asking, what are you guys' backgrounds? If this doesn't end up coming through for me, I may have to resort to moving- I'm coming to the end of my hope-and-patience rope so I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do to up my chances for a job in SD, my fiance has a wonderful job here so I'd really like to avoid moving. I graduated last fall with a BSN, have ACLS and NRP, precepted in L&D, am a member of AWHONN, took the maternal newborn class...

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    Hi, everyone! I am starting this thread to see if anyone out there has applied to- and possibly interviewed with- UCSD earlier in November for their new grad perinatal program (or for another program if you would like to share too). I applied and had an interview earlier this week and am trying my best to wait patiently, but knowing I'm not waiting alone would be nice

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    I felt like the interview went really well, but no idea what I'm up against so we'll see if it was good enough. They said they would be interviewing for the rest of the week and would be sending out emails (either of rejection or moving on to the next step) in the next week and hope to have offers and everything set up by Christmas so I probably won't hear anything within the next week. So the position you applied to is not new grad, correct?

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    I applied for the new grad perinatal program and got an email for an interview yesterday. Have you heard anything yet?

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    I can't find the position on the Scripps website. Am I just blind or did they take it down already? Did you find it?

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    Quote from hiphippo
    Which places/units start in nov?
    I'm pretty sure the start date for grossmont L&D was nov 2012

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    Quote from Jazi123
    I heard the interview for this department can be intense. Can you share what it's like? Type of questions, etc. I'm so anxious. I know it's super competitive and the chances of even getting a call are slim but i still get excited with every app I send out. I applied to L&D at Mary Birch (my dream job) and Grossmont. Good luck!!!
    I did think it was intense, but I was VERY nervous as Mary Birch is also my dream job. (After doing a lot of applications and interviews now, I actually think UCSD's new grad program interview was more difficult, I think this is because they have a higher population of high risk moms whereas Mary Birch may not be as high risk, but delivers A LOT more babies.) Questions were pretty common- strengths, weaknesses, goals, most/least fav clinical area. After I got rejected via email, I responded asking for advice and what was given to me was to: get ACLS and NRP, become an AWHONN member, take the Maternal Newborn Nursing Course through RPS, build interview skills, and to have some sort of RN experience. Since then, I have done all of the above except have RN experience and I think we can all agree- how can I get experience if nobody will hire a new grad?

    I think it also can't be overemphasized how much it matters if you have a connection to a hospital- I'm pretty sure relatives make a difference for Sharp, but I definitely know Scripps hires mostly based on connections with employees of the hospital- at least for their new grad program. This is the most frustrating part to me, because none of my family is in the medical field- I'm the first one, so I don't have that connection. I just don't see how having a connection makes someone more qualified for a job... that's probably because it doesn't.

    Sorry for the long, vent-ful response, but thus far, my career search has been long and tedious and my patience and hope is wearing thin. Good luck to us all this time around! ::crosses fingers::

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    These two were my top choices as well Have you applied for sharp before? I got an interview for Mary Birch L&D last fall, right before I graduated, but they "chose other candidates". I'm hoping my little extras since then will help me this time around... Good luck to you!