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    Hey everyone! This site is s helpful and fun. Always something good to read and learn here I love it! Anyway, I believe around October City College is starting a new round of Nursing classes. I wonder if anyone was going to be starting up. I was at BC for awhile and unfortunately wasted a bit of time. But now I am hoping to be starting at City College and maybe meet some of my future classmates ahead of time!

    Drop me a line!

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    I am at BC Central taking my Math and Eng, I live closer to North Campus though. I just chose late classes. But maybe next semester we can sync up a class or so.

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    Woah! First of all welcome! I am also 18 (but a guy, with no kids) so i guess we arent to alike except the fact that we both may be starting around similar times! But from what ive seen it wont be easy especially with the more things you might be worrying about/have to take care of. But i give you props on trying to do something for yourself/family. The little one will see that as he grows up! (Just like my mom and me heh) But like said above, when you want to give up bcause im sure it wont be easy (but who said life was?) just remember this is when you need to be your strongest!

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    If any of you dont mind me asking. How is it that you managed to pay the tuition of City College? its quite expensive!

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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    CP =02,Monitor, IV, ASA, NTG Every time.

    If by "NTG" you mean Nitro. We were taught in EMT school yes everytime. Unless they had taken any Sexually Enhancement Drugs a prior number of hours before. Not sure if that applies to nurses or not. BUt i thought i would just say it.

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    First off, congratz! And great job, its evident you are working hard! AS for myself, uhhh I dont think you consider the Pell grant anytype of award so ill keep you posted on what I get (if) and when I do. But keep up the good work!

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    I would def have to say the show "Scrubs", its spot on! lol no but I have to agree with you on E.R.

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    Quote from DreamyEyes
    Geriatrics and Psych are my main interests. I also would like working in a doctor's office/clinic, home health, and school nursing.

    I would never work Med/Surg, ER, ICU, etc. So no hospitals for me

    I tip my hat to you. Geriatrics are not my forte. ER/Peds/Burn Unit is where I reside.

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    In one of my clinical rotations when i was in EMT school earlier this year we had a multiple stab wound case. And you know, this was our first clinical rotation where something actually happened. Now i didnt freeze, I actually was one of the first to rush into the chaos. But half of my class froze outside, saying things like "the person is already dead", "no point in going int there" and a few other things. it was my guess that they were afraid, or had something that was preventing them from being around all the blood. (which shouldnt be the case I know, but some people cant take it yet they find there way into medical school. Why? Beats me, but anyway as I rushed to start CPR, I kind of blacked out, or left my body idk how to explain it very well.

    But all i could do was look into the patients, eyes as i did cpr, sounds werent there. I could faintly here everyone screaming for things, but i felt like i was on drugs or something. Later did my instructor tell me thats one of the adrenaline rushes you get in the ER. But the patient was eventually pronounced dead, and as I walked out of the room (feeling defeated) everything slowly returned back to normal. ANd I noticed the large amount of block all over my gown and hands. So I wouldnt say i was paralyzed in fear. But i was definitely out of the world. The whole time, my mind was saying. Do something, what needs to be done, how can i help. And since Im practically useless in a situation like that besdies, changing the EKG, and CPR I really couldnt do much. But i can see how one could get paralyzed in high stress, tense situations. Just my

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    Hey Greg! Time for a little Heart to Heart from someone in your shoes. Well close. I also live in South FLorida, I am 18 years old, ill be 19 in a number of days. Also with the hopes of pursuing Nursing. I start Broward College in Jan. And I have a tough schedule ahead of me.

    My advice man, is to get those grades up. There is no use feeling bad for yourself, accept mistakes and move on. Learn from them!

    And never let anyone tell you, you cant do it. Try your hardest, study your best and dream of success. Your still young, we youngins will shape the world and our future! We have time on our side so we have to make the best of it. No one said it will be easy, everything worthwhile requires work. And with some, it may require more work than others.

    I wish you the best!

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    Quote from caliotter3
    Glad you survived that trauma so early in life!

    Thanks, I thank god that I did. I see no other way I could have.

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    Ok so I knew about this site for awhile, I even have had an acoount for a little bit of time. But have never posted in here. I really didnt even know this topic/board existed! lol

    First things first! Hello all, my name is Chris. Currently working on my pre reqs for my ADN. Love this place, love the people. Love the medical field.

    Little backround on myself, me e and my sister were both caught in a flash fire in our garage when we were both infants. (ME: 1 years old, My sister: 2 years old). I am currently trying to find the article so i can laminate it. ^0% of my body was burned with 3rd degree burns, they said my skin rolled off like socks, which was pretty interesting thing to think about heh. I was airlifted to jackson Memorial Hospital, and taken care of by some fantastic Burn Unit nurses!

    One in particular I am still tring to get in contact with, in order to thank her. I think Nurses really should be commended. Amazing things they can do, especially when some are supposed looked down upon since they arent "Doctors or have PhD's"

    I am a recent EMT grad, loved every bit of that schooling. I honestly wish it was a longer and more in depth course. But hey, I am in Nursing school (will be soon) and I am sure I will have enough reading and studying to last me a good while xD! I am open to making many friends, and open to any advice or am willing to talk, be vented at etc. Heh being the only guy in a family with 3 women, and 7 aunts has taught me that women (guys do to) but women like to talk about things! So I learned to like talking to! But anywho, Ill go read and lurk the site some more. Really glad to be apart of this community. Oh and being burned/having the scars I do have no negative influence on my mindset at all. It never has inhibited me from doing what needs to be done and has actually been a major motivational factor in my Nursing career choice!

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    Quote from student forever
    I do not know your area, but when I lived in Ft Lauderdale and looked into this, I found out that the NH pays way low wages compared to the cna to off set the training and it ends up costing you more in the long run. But, there is job security if that is needed more. $.02

    Moved out of Ft. Laud? I live in Broward. But I am not going for my CNA. Good luck!

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    Can a mod delete these to replies and change the title to include Broward College please!

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    Hey Aaron, I am not exactly sure if you still watch this thread or not. But I would also like the notes, thanks.