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  • Nov 10 '17

    @ loriangel14

    What I thought was, since nursing is such a wide and diverse field, as many nurses told me before I went into the profession, that one could get a job in a dr's office, research, informatics, outpatient clinics, public health, home health, schools, etc. What I thought was...that one doesn't have to work in the hospital as a bedside nurse if one doesn't want to. As I have already admitted, I was naive in my thinking. Or perhaps, under-informed. I'm not sure what your intent was when you posted your response, but I suppose I should have expected at least one nurse to say "Duh, what were you thinking?!" when I asked for advice. Ah, the field of nursing...such diverse personalities as well. (:

    To everyone else who offered advice, I am grateful. Thank you! Lots of different options to explore.

  • Sep 8 '17

    I was asking for work that wasn't hospital bedside, not work that didn't involve patient contact or zero standing. I went into nursing because I wanted to care for patients. Just not quite the intensity that bedside nursing offers, which as most nurses know is rather demanding/exhausting. It's not really that odd that someone would want to work away from the bedside. I wasn't surprised at all that nursing would involve caring for patients. (;