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    Thank you all for your encouragement and help...I am going to look into an Attorney. Thanks again to all of you. This site is great!

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    I am in need of some help!!! I was a Registered Nurse in the state of Ohio...I had my license revoked due to failure to comply with a consent agreement. I was an actively using drug addict with alot of bad things happening. I voluntarily surrendered my license to get further help. I did get help at first but then spiraled out of control. It was then that it was revoked. It has been 2 and a half years since then. I have been sober 2 years...completed treatment...NA meetings every week...left an abusive husband. I have totally turned my life around. The only thing missing is my nursing took me 4 yrs to get a 2 yrs degree..i was 25 with 2 kids and actually had another baby in the middle of my clinicals and still never missed a day of class. I read some articles on about some people who have fought and gotten theirs back. This encouraged me so I contacted the Ohio board...they informed me that is was not at all possible to ever get my license reinstated!!! Can anyone tell me is this true?? I was never convicted of any type of crime...never went to jail. I just surrended my license to get help...then it was revoked. I would do anything to get it back. It is the one thing that is still keeping me down thinking that I screwed up the best thing that I had ever done! Please any advice would be great...I am just lost.