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Charting disruptive patient behaviors: Are you objective?

One of my fellow nurses- let's call her Jane- was overheard complaining loudly this morning. She had received feedback from a physician that one of her chart notes was "unacceptable." She went on to say that she didn't understand why her note was unacceptable. I asked Jane to read aloud the note in question: "Patient was inappropriate." "What's wrong with that?" she asked, explaining that this particular patient had been rude the day before, yelling that it took too long for Jane to... Read More →

A difficult learning experience

During this past semester, I took a graduate-level nursing theory course as part of my MSN program. "Piece of cake," I told myself; I believed it would be easy. Puffed full of hubris, I expected to ace the class with little to no effort. After all, I've been a nurse for 17 years. What could I not know about the philosophy of my own profession? Had I not suffered through countless undergraduate lectures on Sister Callista Roy and Florence Nightingale? Had I not done interminable care plans... Read More →