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  • Oct 1 '12

    Good; now start studying for your first test; set a time table and stick with it!

  • Sep 28 '12

    Ok........ I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! (FINALLY!!!!)

    Faxed in the enrollment form tonight... with the credit card payment. As nervous as I was before sending it in, I felt totally relieved after I did. Now I'm starting to get excited!

    Good luck to everyone in every stage of this journey! So many of you that had completed it in the past have been an enormous inspiration to me, and I thank you SO much!

    Let the wild ride begin!!!!

  • Jun 22 '12

    At times you may get frustrated and discouraged whether you didn't do well on a practice exam, or failed a real exam, please don't give up on yourself! I took my NCLEX-RN today (won't know for 48hrs if I passed, which sucks) But I know I wouldn't have been here had I not kept perservering through this program!

    I had to take months off for family stuff or personal stuff, but that was the great thing about EC! I stumbled and bumbled my way through the first few exams, then found my study path and zipped through a bunch. Got burnt out by the time I hit LS3 and failed it, not once but TWICE...took some time off, got back into the swing of things and then passed it with a B!

    Many times I got frustrated when people didn't know what EC was, or made snide comments about how you couldnt be a 'real' nurse if you did it online. I just smiled and nodded and watch them struggle through clinicals and classes while i could sit at home or at the park with my kids and study!

    Check out facebook and link up with others here that are going through the same thing you are. I met 4 other women and over this past 2yrs have become very close to them. We took a workshop together and all passed our CPNE around the same time.

    Just remember you can do this, you got this, and you were made for this!

  • Apr 24 '12

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know that it is possible to pass lifespan 2 the first try in a week with A LOT of studying and prayers! Behavioral responses is 40% of the test so its best to FOCUS on that part when studying. I scored 71% in that section on the actual test because that's what I mainly focused on. Also, regulatory and metabolic is very important but I feel as if your already a LPN you will know most of whats being asked and you may just need to brush up on those areas.

    I scored VERY low on the practice exam (53%,56%) but went over EACH rationale and memorized each question. It helps on the actual exam. Also, there are a few questions from the practice exam that shows up on the actual exam.

    I used studygroup101, saunders rn nclex review, and flashcards to study.

    Don't focus on the discouraging posts on here stating that people failed once or twice (because it will only cause increase anxiety). YOU are different and YOU will PASS with lots of studying. Be confident when you sit down and take your test.

    You can do it! Be confident and study, study, study!

    Hope this helps and encourages someone.

    God bless

  • Apr 16 '12

    Just enrolled in the RN to MSN in education on the 12th of April! I am so excited!

  • Apr 16 '12

    OK,just went through the process, have to update my CPR and get my TB test done early next week. Then everything will be current and I can wait for my date!! Still want to puke though.....

  • Apr 16 '12

    Quote from Mimi2BNP
    No question is dumb except the one you don't ask!! I can't wait to get where you are at!!
    My advice: Learn patience.....the waiting for a date really sucks and I am an extremely impatient its really bad. I have only been waiting for 13 days so far and I'm about to pull my hair out.

    You will get there.....I got here in 9 months, it was hard but doable.

  • Apr 16 '12

    Quote from Mimi2BNP
    I'm sure you will do fine! You know what to expect so go do your thang Ms. OneFlyRN!!!
    Boy do I love the sound of that, OneFlyRN!!!!

  • Apr 13 '12

    Graduated EC in 2008. I was a Paramedic in New York with no nursing experience. I am now a nursing supervisor at a LTC facility with 112 beds. I oversee 5 LPNs and 16 CNA's. I did EC's program for about $12,000 total (I flunked the first CPNE.) It was a great program for self-motivated people who want a flexible and cheap program. I am well respected where I work. Several of my nurses are doing EC just because they know I am a product of the program. That bodes well for both me and EC. The program is not easy, but doable. I could not get into a hospital because when I was grilled about the clinical aspect of EC, the nurse managers did not like what they heard and could not grasp the program. I know from my experience now that I would have made a good nurse in the hospital if they would have oriented me and given me a chance. Their loss, truly. Good luck to those of you working on, or thinking about starting, the EC program. PS- You can do it without an outside company's materials. If you are in the program now, Good luck and I feel your pain (we all do...)

  • Apr 13 '12

    Welcome to the !! LOL

  • Apr 13 '12

    Quote from CathyLPN2RN
    Welcome to the !! LOL
    Ha.....I have Phenergan for that

  • Mar 2 '12

    I'm only using Studygroup101 and the practice tests through Excelsior. I have a friends study guides from Chancellor's but haven't used them yet. I've read my people say they get books off Amazon or ebay. I've only taken Health Safety and Transition to the Professional Role so far but got As . Study time depends totally on how much you can devote to it. I didn't study for too many days (6 and then 9) but spent all my free time studying then. I'm banking on the rest being harder. Good luck!!

  • Feb 29 '12

    Thank you all for the encouragement. Working as an LPN is a motivator for me too. I really want to have my own case load of patients. BostonNurse, you are so right about sticking to it and treating it like any other program. This is totally possible. Good luck on finishing with Excelsior. It is quite an accomplisment. I am still awaiting approval to the yahoo groups that I joined and look forward to Excelsior's 8 week online study group for my first nursing course with them. Has anyone utilized them? What do you think?

  • Oct 27 '11

    Just registered with Pearson Vue and paid for NCLEX-RN! Now playing the waiting game for Excelsior to send all my transcripts and everything... should take about 6-8 weeks I think plus however long it takes my BON to process. So weird not to have to study everyday, I feel like I have so much free time! :-)

    Good luck to everyone. You will be done before you know it!