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    I have a similar experience to you--my undergrad was also in music. I did have a good GPA coming out of undergrad which differs from you, but I made good grades on my prereqs and a decent GRE score (I don't even remember what the score was). I did get a CNA license which I never used because I wanted to make sure that I even thought I would like nursing. I had no healthcare background at all and was accepted to Boston College, MGH, and Marquette's direct-entry NP programs. It sounds like you are willing to relocate which will really help you. I just finished Marquette's direct-entry program (though they have changed the program slightly to a direct entry MSN, not a NP track) and worked as a RN part time for 2 years while finishing the MSN portion. I really thought I would hate bedside nursing but I was surprised that I actually really like my floor RN job. Looking back on my experience, I almost wish I had just done a BSN program and then gone back for the NP--just because there are many more RN programs available and I wouldn't have had to relocate. That said, I did go from zero to NP in 4 years, as well as getting a couple years of RN experience in, and have a job lined up prior to passing my boards. If you are worried about getting in, I would suggest applying out to direct entry NP programs first and then if you have no bites look into BSN programs. If you have any other questions, you can PM me. Good luck to you!

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    Thank you for the good tips! I am planning to buy the Leik book. Any other texts or classes anyone would recommend?

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    Quote from hopefulnurse24
    Hello! I am beginning my application journey, and found your post very interesting. Thanks for sharing! And I would LOVE the link to your blog.

    If you don't mind me asking (and if you don't mind sharing), what were your stats (GPA and GRE scores)? Did you have any type of health care experience (either volunteer or paid)? It's always helpful to see where you stand. I think that gaining acceptance to 3 out of 9 schools is AWESOME! Boston College is a wonderful school. What did you end up picking? I am applying to Yale, UPenn, Columbia, Marquette, University of Vermont, Boston College, Northeastern, Johns Hopkins, University of Massachusetts, and Vanderbilt, along with an ABSN at my current institution.

    Thanks so much!
    FYI for everyone else, I responded to this in a PM. I can't put my blog link on the forums directly. If anyone else wants it, PM me!

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    Well, I have done everything that I can so far. Obviously we can't upload our RN licenses because we don't have them yet, and I am taking CPR at Marquette. I would just get everything else done before you get to school.

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    There are a bunch of schools that offer accelerated BSNs in Texas, but I think only UT Austin offers a DE MSN. Check out this list: American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Accelerated Nursing Programs Click the link that says "List of Accelerated BSN and MSN Programs."
    Here's UT's website on the subject: School of Nursing | The University of Texas at Austin | Prospective Students

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    I recently finished my application "journey" and have a few things I would like to share to those who are prospective DE applicants.

    Though I applied to nine schools, I ultimately was only offered admission to three. I originally applied to the University of Southern Maine, Yale, Penn, Boston College, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Simmons, University of Hawaii, Marquette, and Seattle University. Out of those, I was offered admission to Boston College (ranked #31 in nursing by US News), MGH (#64), and Marquette (#44). However, I was rejected from Penn (#1), Yale (#7), University of Hawaii (#99), Seattle University (#127), and University of Southern Maine (#127). I withdrew my application from Simmons (#127) after there were some complications with it. What I am trying to show with these rankings is that each school has its own set of criteria that they base their admissions decisions upon, and it is really hard to figure out where you will be accepted and denied. It also depends on the strength of their admissions pool. My recommendation is to cough up the money and apply to schools across the board, since you can't really predict how an admissions committee is going to work.

    I have been following forums on, and these have proven to be a great resource. By reading the previous year's threads, I was able to gauge the strength of admissions pools, as well as when I should hear back from the colleges by (a lot of admissions committees say vague things like, "you will hear by the end of March"). I would highly recommend reading through these forums to do a little extra research.

    Lastly, here is a link to a list of direct-entry MSN programs accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. This list isn't exhaustive, but it proved very helpful for me when I was trying to figure out where to apply.
    If you are reading this and in the midst of applications/research, feel free to message me with questions. I am writing a blog about my DE NP school experience if you would like the link to it. And good luck to you!

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    Congrats to those who were accepted!
    It must have been a very competitive group this year. I was surprised that I wasn't accepted, since UH is ranked #99 for nursing, and I was accepted to three other schools that were ranked much higher than that (among them, Boston College, which is #31). I guess it shows that each school really looks at different aspects of the application when deciding who to accept and deny.

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    Other than UH, I applied to Marquette, Boston College, MGH Institute, Simmons, Penn, Yale, Seattle University, and the University of Southern Maine. I got in to Boston College, MGH, Simmons, and Marquette, and was rejected from the others. I applied to a range of schools, hoping I would get in to at least one (it was expensive, but I didn't want to have to do it again). All of them had about the same requirements as UH, except the ones in Boston all required organic chemistry. Most of them also required GRE scores, whereas UH did not. The "average" GRE scores from these schools was somewhere around 1000-1200. I decided to go with Marquette over the others mainly because the cost of living in Boston is much higher than it is in Milwaukee. The tuition was between about $80,000-110,00 at all four schools. I figure, after you get above a certain amount for tuition, it's like monopoly money. Bring on the loans! Haha.
    PM me if I can help you in any other way.

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    Hi,Yes, I applied regular decision. No, there is no interview. I spoke to someone on the phone today and she said they were planning to send out the rest of the letters next week. There was something weird that happened with my application and so I knew I had been accepted earlier. Basically they had to call me because one of my professors had not responded to an email they had sent, so I had to get in touch with him so they could guarantee that I met all of the requirements. However, I declined since I have already accepted at Marquette. Good luck to everyone still waiting!

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    I'm really frustrated by UH. I really wanted to go there, but I have had three other schools require deposits already. I guess it's always a gamble, but I had to put down a deposit at Marquette. At this point I won't be going to UH even if I get in. Good luck to all of you!

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    Yes, I heard today that I was accepted. I won't be going though, I have already accepted Marquette's offer. Good luck to you who are waiting!

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    I already got my info packet and yes, it does give info on registration and stuff. One thing you can get started on is compiling your shot records. I had to look up my pediatrician that I haven't seen in 12 years to get proof that I had chicken pox as a child. What a pain! Karen Nest emailed out something about housing as well. She has also been trying to match up roommates.

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    I would have been looking for something cheaper too, but I have a built-in roommate (boyfriend).

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    I rented a one bedroom on the east side for a little under $800/month. Parking costs extra though ($50-100). There were one bedrooms near campus for that price or cheaper, but the area was really sketchy. There is this annoying rent assistance program that means a lot of places are advertised ad cheaper than they really are, and full time students don't qualify. I even had a couple of buildings tell me they didn't allow students to live there at all. I was only able to look one weekend though, since I am out of state.

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    Quote from kritkat
    hi guys!

    i was wondering what did everyones stats look like (gpa, gre, volunteer work etc)...?

    check around on past forums. there is a lot of info on this site. and look back to page 12 of this thread.