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  • Jul 6 '16

    I have a similar experience to you--my undergrad was also in music. I did have a good GPA coming out of undergrad which differs from you, but I made good grades on my prereqs and a decent GRE score (I don't even remember what the score was). I did get a CNA license which I never used because I wanted to make sure that I even thought I would like nursing. I had no healthcare background at all and was accepted to Boston College, MGH, and Marquette's direct-entry NP programs. It sounds like you are willing to relocate which will really help you. I just finished Marquette's direct-entry program (though they have changed the program slightly to a direct entry MSN, not a NP track) and worked as a RN part time for 2 years while finishing the MSN portion. I really thought I would hate bedside nursing but I was surprised that I actually really like my floor RN job. Looking back on my experience, I almost wish I had just done a BSN program and then gone back for the NP--just because there are many more RN programs available and I wouldn't have had to relocate. That said, I did go from zero to NP in 4 years, as well as getting a couple years of RN experience in, and have a job lined up prior to passing my boards. If you are worried about getting in, I would suggest applying out to direct entry NP programs first and then if you have no bites look into BSN programs. If you have any other questions, you can PM me. Good luck to you!