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Joined Oct 9, '11 - from 'Philadelphia, PA, US'. frankie,RN is a RN. She has '6yearslpn/<1yearRN' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'peds-trach/vent'. Posts: 399 (31% Liked) Likes: 341

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  • Apr 3 '16

    have you tried "gratification" before bedtime? just putting it out there.

  • Jan 28 '16

    I applied last year early october for npac. got a date week later for the first weekend in december in albany, ny. that was exactly two months between application and actual test date. i passed everything except for the iv minibag the first time. And graduated a month later. Just call the region number where you want to test at. they will give you an approximation of wait times. I can gaurantee you, wasting anyones money(YOURS) wont be a factor to them.

  • Jan 21 '16

    what about the CNA's whose colostomy bags always accidentally come off everytime every time the two of you work together. when your busting your butt at 4am trying toget your peg tube flushes done on 10 residents. and she knows how to put them back on. they stopped coming off when I started making an "accidental" mess putting a new one on.