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  • Jan 15 '15

    Health Assessment consists of an indirect care experience where you make a pamphlet to inform parents about an environmental factor that can affect the health of infants. You then share it with a parent and give a written summary of the teaching.Another is a physical assessment of a child-it requires a bit of detail and time, but not too bad. Next is a physical assessment of an adolescent. It is also a bit detailed and requires a wellness diagnosis. The CLC is on childhood diseases. The last week is a movie character health assessment presentation which requires making a power point after doing an assessment on a character in the movie. Also that week you do a physical assessment on an older adult. Community Health is busy! There is a paper on a communicable disease, a CLC power point on a community assessment and analysis which is a little time consuming (if you understand the assignment at all) and a 3 part community presentation, teaching experience paper, and community teaching work plan proposal. Which translates into a lot of work!! This is by far the busiest I have been so far. Just plan ahead for the work required for this class and you should be fine. It is quite time consuming. Good Luck!

  • Jan 15 '15

    Glad it's going well. The papers will ramp up on length with some being 1500-2000 words.
    Clc will be PowerPoint, a well as papers. One class, patho has one dq on Friday, but it's a whopper.

  • Dec 23 '14

    You may or may not be penalized for your paper being late. Like flame said give yourself some time because turn it in will be slow. You can lose Some serious points or refuse the paper all together. You won't be able to dispute either.
    Clc, ain't no easy answer. I always seemed to take the lead, but I wanted a decent grade.
    PEERLA is only add good as the user. I liked it though, especially for the capstone

  • Dec 23 '14

    I use Perrla and it is great. 1 nice feature of saves ALL ur references.....A free one is EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles

    Yes you may see ur profs for upcoming classes...and then they may disappear......May even happy a day or 2 from course start! So if u get a prof u want-----KEEP the just before course start, they may change!!

    CLC groups----Best to take the lead and ensure you are polite and post a lot of info in the group forums.....why--profs can see those posts----they can't see ur personbal emails! yes I email a lot too...but if u are having issues with a student, u can either suck it up and just do their work--not an option I do, or you give them chances to improve, if they do not, you reach out to the prof. We all paid the same tuition.....I'm not here to do the work for others just to get their degree--sorry, not a babysitter. Now if they reach out for help, sure, more than happy to help out....but quite often you find out these loosers don't ask out for help until the near end...sorry, that does not cut it! In ur CLC contract, one has to be VERY specific, as some profs ask--well what does your CLC say in the case of a slacker?? I'm very upfront in my emails to the groups...more than happy to kelp out, ask in advance for help..not here to babysit!!

    Yes best not to wait to last minute in turning in papers--says the guy that always does on Sundays,lol-----You will find quite often there are many of us that wait till Sunday---and yep that slows down the response from turn it in!! Best of luck

  • Dec 23 '14

    I've never used an APA program. I just use the template they gave me in the first class and in research and try to learn the rules. I had a CLC member who was editing using PERLA who gave me a paper with all kinds of errors. So I think this isn't a no work solution. You have to know the rules anyway.

    Prism told us of a good way to get APA references of the books is to copy and paste from the syllabus. This is really handy! I also use, which isn't perfect, but it is a nice way to keep them all together. you could use a word document too.

    I didn't take stats and I did fine in research. I thought the class was fun and I read a lot of interesting articles. I know I just paraphrased the statistical info of the articles into my papers and didn't get as much out of it as I could have so I am going to brush up before the capstone. You have to make sure you are using NURSING research though. To do this you can go to the GCU library. Select "Find Journal Articles." Look at where it says Find database by subject. Select Nursing & Health Sciences. This is the interesting part that the librarian told me about. Click on CINAHL Complete under recommended databases. It might ask you to log in. Then on that page you can select "peer reviewed" change the time frame to 2011-2014 (or whatever) and select research article. This will help you find relevant research articles suitable for the class.

    So see your future instructors you can go to the student portal. On the left side click Academics. Then click Your Class Schedule. There you can see instructors and also section numbers.

    I'm a really terrible student and I am doing ok! I know you can do it too!

  • Nov 5 '14

    In the cookie aisle, lol.

  • Nov 5 '14

    I rented some of my books on Amazon because I like the hard copy. What I found out on accident is that they will refund your money if you return the book within 30 days. I just decided to return my book before it was due and was super excited to see a refund appear - lol!

  • Oct 26 '14

    Well, about those books. I to am a hard copy person too and you do use the books and you already paid for them.
    What I did was highlight what I needed and copy it to a word doc print that out and kept it handy. The book can time out which forces one to sign back in. Other times I would cut and paste directly on my paper and summarize off that and delete when done.
    Another plus with the electronic book is the citation feature, search, and of course highlighting. Try it and see if you like it.

    I did a lot of printing and probably killed a forest in those fifteen months. But with kids constantly interrupting me.."mommmm, Billy Bob is trying to bathe the cat" kind stuff I had to stop many times and restart, so having it printed gave me a chance to read it later.

    Oh another feature is the app. You can read your books on a ipad.

  • Oct 26 '14

    Quote from drea588
    Also, I'm starting Nov. so that I can whip through the first course which as you all said kinda preps me. Then I take advantage of the two week break during the second course and hopefully can work ahead during that time and then maybe be in well enough of a groove to keep on pushing!
    I dunno about "whipping through" the first course, but then again if it hasn't been that long since you've been schooled maybe you'll get your groove quicker than those of us that had no clue what we were doing. The thing about that first class is that it only seems "easier" AFTER you've done a couple more, like in a comparison sort of way..."oh now that I'm in class #4, that first one seemed like a breeze!" And you won't be able to use the 2 week break to work ahead for class #2, you don't get granted the almighty syllabus until 3 days before the class starts (Fri). Unless you were talking about working ahead for the Get College Credit class, that you can do!

    Quote from drea588
    How about books- i'm not footnotes era, but I like my hard copy textbooks and always find it difficult to read texts off of the computer. Do we use the textbooks enough that I should plan on having them on hand each course?
    Do you mean can you buy the hardcopy textbooks? No. This was, and continues to be, the hardest part for me. I love a book, a real book, and this screen-switching and scrolling and highlighting and copying/pasting (oh and as tokmom said logging back in because the dang thing timed out) is not fun for me.

  • Oct 26 '14

    Excelsior has no chemistry requirements. I'm finishing up the capstone now. The program is very doable! I began the nursing courses last August and took four course during that one semester, took 2 last semester, and now I'm 11 weeks away from the BSN! Your costs will depend on how many credits you have for transfer and what you are left with to take. I would also take a look at American Sentinel University, too, since they are cheaper than Excelsior College and offers all 8-week courses. I plan on getting my MSN in Case Management from them as soon as this BSN is done.

  • Oct 25 '14

    Quote from drea588
    Alright, I'm joining in on the thread! Hello everyone! I finally committed myself to GCU's RN-BSN program. I have just a few more questions- I don't need stats but I need a filler course and was interested in taking one of the 'get college credit'. Does anyone have any suggestion on which UL exams are not too difficult? Also- I've heard about some sort of discount or grant in the winter? Anyway- Professional Dynamics starts on November 10th!
    Hi Drea!!! I just wanted to say hi because I have nothing else to offer from your post questions Good for you that you don't have to take stats! I personally don't know what filler/UL courses/exams are cause I'm the traditional core-12, and I'm not aware of a winter grant or discount (I'd ask your advisor directly on this one). So again, no help at all, but Hi!

  • Jun 29 '14

    I am taking community health and there is an assignment on week 2, and then the CLC week 4 (which is a two part), and week 5 has an assignment that is a 3 part. This is a class that could be doubled up on!
    Ask in your individual forums to be placed in the same CLC, back a bit a group did on the main forum and it did not come across as though the teacher liked that. PM coming your way rainyn and drea588.

  • Jun 29 '14

    Quote from drea588

    So onto GCU- I get 10% off though my employer and i'll likely get FA. Any suggestions on how else to save money attending GCU. Any scholarships available for out of state students or nurses/work force shortage?
    Keep in mind that the cost total your admission adviser at GCU gives is you includes your books and fees. The only thing you pay extra is the graduation fee. I found that with state colleges and universities there are usually a lot of fees and extra costs that add up.

  • Jun 29 '14

    Oh, as mentioned before, there are many instructors that are very good. What you need to do is get on the forum before it opens. First day is Friday with classes starting on Monday. Read the announcements and see if the instructor is a good fit for you. If not, post nothing on Monday, call your advisor and get switched.

  • Jun 29 '14

    GCU RN-BSN program has 5 week classes. You might be able to double classes if you are not working, however I do not see it possible if you are working full time. Doubling classes does not make a difference on the cost because the cost is per credit hour. You can check out the scholarships offered by the Nurse Corps. However, you have to work in an under served area for 2 yrs in return.