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I am a recent new grad (December 2013). I just came off of my orientation period (May 2014) on a 24 bed cardiac step down unit at a Level 2 facility that is currently doing all types of cardiovascular procedures, except open hearts/CABG. My experience prior to this job was primarily in a small, 15 bed assisted living/LTC setting. I worked there throughout school as an aide/med tech and moved up to a 2nd shift supervisor position. I now currently do their monthly RN charting/assessment/medication management as well. I am absolutely in love with being a nurse and have dedicated myself to provided the best care possible! I try so hard to never forget the "little things" that are so important in patient care and make sure to take the time and see patients as more than just a room number.

In my free time, I love spending time with family & friends. I am getting married in July 2014 and planning for that takes up alot of my free time. I am also I constant stalker of AN..

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