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    How much do I need to tell my boss specifically about my illness and calling in sick? On Thursday I called my unit manager to let her know I would be out the next 4 consecutive days which I just so happened to work and I had a Drs note to excuse me from work. She said ok and that was that. I got a call the next day while in recovery from anesthesia demanding a call back when my husband answered and said exactly that I was in recovery. I did call her back and she said the manager above her wanted to know why I was calling in and what was going on. I simply said I had a dr excuse and wouldn't be in. She asked again and I restated that it was my personal health information and she wasn't entitled to know. So here it is Monday and that higher boss called me directly asking for a return call. Mind you, my dr excuse has me off through today so I don't feel I should be bothered at all. I am going to return her call but I know she will be asking why I am out again and I don't feel like I should have to tell her. I am not contagious and have a release for back to work. I had emergency surgery and needed recovery time.

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    Please find someone else's thread to troll.

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    You could have stopped after your advice about the position. But your rude comment was assuming I wanted justification for taking the position when that just wasn't the case. Anyways. I've already said I was going to turn it down. Geeze.

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    Thank you all for your replies and insight. I will go and speak with the hiring manager on Monday about the situation. Let her know why I won't be taking the position after all. I wasn't trying to get a certain answer. Not taking the job means I can spend the holidays with my family 6 hrs away. The hours with home health are way better. I also get to spend more time with my son. I just know my ultimate goal is to travel nurse and I thought this opportunity would give me experience (however short that may be) to obtain that goal in the future. I thought maybe any hospital experience would be better than no experience when job searching. I understand your points and those were my concerns too and why I asked in the first place. I know the hospital and staff put a great deal of money and time into new grads. I look at all sides to things. If I didn't care, I wouldn't be torn and even concerned with their side.

    On on a side note, when I interviewed then accepted the position, my husband hadn't been offered the job. This is a new revelation and the hospital job starts in two weeks. So I know they can still pull someone else into my spot.

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    Quote from RunBabyRN
    I don't feel I was being rude. I was trying to give you a sense of what a hiring manager will see when they see 4 months in a new grad position at a hospital, and you're already applying elsewhere.

    Additionally, that training may or may not help in a future position. Chances are you'll be looking just as hard as you have been, and may end up in a completely different unit with a different way of doing things, different computer system, different policies and procedures, etc. I think that taking this position will hurt more than it will help. If you see this perspective as rude, then I think it's more that you're not getting the answer you wanted to hear. Even as a hiring manager in a different field, when I saw people leaving old jobs after just a few months, I was very reluctant to hire them if I had other qualified candidates. It takes time and money to train someone. You have to respect the position of the managers involved here, both at the current place and at future hospitals.
    I though I pink rn was rude. Not every reply and not yours.

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    I don't understand the rudeness in your replies. I am looking for advice as a new nurse and what I should do in terms of my career and goals. No we don't know where the next job will be even though he was offered it. No I will not stay behind in a town where I know no one and have no family with my child and no help. I was hoping this training would get me a job in the new city more easily than starting with zero experience. No I am not looking for "justification" as you put it. I wanted feedback from other rns to see if taking the job would benefit or hurt my career.

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    I know it seems like a waste but I really don't feel I will get this opportunity again. We don't know where we will be moving so I can't apply for licensing yet and can't apply for a job because we don't know where we will be. I honestly understand how much time, training, and effort goes into a new grad and don't want to do that to the hospital, manager, and staff. Which is why I am so torn. However, I'm hoping I can take that training and get a job in the new place. Better than I could with no experience. Not that 4 months is really much though.

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    My husband moves a lot for work. I graduated from nursing school in May 2014 and landed my first job in our new city in home health. I really want to be in the hospital and eventually do travel nursing. I know I need a year or more of experience for that. My dilemma is that I was offered a position in the hospital here with great orientation on the stroke unit. I'm hesitant to take it because my husband was already offered a new position in another city/state in 4 months which would leave me quitting right after I finish orientation. I don't want to pass up on this opportunity here because the new city job market is terrible. I also don't want to risk not being able to get another position after quitting my first job after 4 months. Any advice on whether I should take the hospital job here or lose the opportunity and try my luck in the new city?

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    Is this program 2 years? Does it run through the summer?

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    It is only AP. no need to study physics or chemistry.

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    Also, MCHD is great for anyone without insurance to get immunizations done. They still charge only $10. and it's a $5 discount for each vaccine added.

    They do not offer titers. They refer to lab express. Their number is 936-441-2021. The Chicken Pox vaccine is $30 plus $10 draw fee. The MMR is $105. Might be better off just getting the vaccine again at those prices.

    Wagreens does offer the physicals for $39. However no titers, and their vaccine prices are outrageous.

    Rediclinics in HEB are decent for titer. $25 for chicken pox and $60 for MMR. But they charge an $89 admin fee.

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    Hey everyone! Wanted to invite you all to join the Montgomery ADN program Facebook page! It's listed as Lonestar MOCO nursing class of 2014!

    Also, for everyone looking for a cheap CPR class, Cypress Creek EMS offer the course for $45. Someone had listed MCHD but they raised their price to $65. Call Lisa Robbins at 281-378-0800. They are held every Sat and Thur. They are also filling up fast!

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    Montgomery Nursing Accepted Facebook Page

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    I started a FB page for our class. Find it at


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    Got my letter today!! Yay!! Turning in my letter of intent on Wed! Can't wait to see everyone at orientation!