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  • Jul 10 '16

    I think every nurse aged 55+ who has had this happen should all get together somehow and write a letter/synopsis/report about their collective experiences. Publish it professionally, and send it to unions, professional nursing organizations, nursing media, the AARP and prominent nursing leaders asking them to address this issue!!

    It is happening far more than what's reported. I understand the generational shift that's affecting all professions generally. I understand the complications this presents to management. What I don't understand is the total and utter lack of training, preparedness or mechanisms in place to deal with the widening age gap in the workforce. I have seen managers, time and time again, prioritize the bottom line over the value of experienced nurses. Rather than develop constructive ways to utilize their knowledge - or learn new techniques to effectively handle the conflicts between older and younger employees, they'd rather just fire them, or worse, passive/aggressively pressure them out by making the work environment so uninhabitable they have no choice but to quit. It's not just happening in nursing. It's happening everywhere.

    That being said.....oldsters, my advice to you is to keep up with the changing technology, be tech-savvy, and don't be a high maintenance chestnut. Just do stuff the new way they want you to, stop clinging to paper and old protocols. Don't eat your young, and don't perpetuate the old stereotypes. Don't give those managers any excuse to start honing in on you. Every time I've seen an older nurse get canned it almost ALWAYS starts because of these issues. I hate to see it go down that way, but I find a lot of older nurses are so stubborn about learning new things, they practically invite the scrutiny that starts the process of termination. So stay flexible, stay informed, learn that software without complaint and nurture those youngins! You are our ROLE MODELS!

  • Jul 10 '16

    I'm so sorry, Wise Woman RN. As was said on someone else's post, your story is not uncommon. I watched the same thing happen to a dear colleague in one of my former jobs. She'd been there for decades and all the doctors adored her. The corporate BS just wasn't in her lexicon. Our younger, annoying new manager made her feel so uncomfortable I think she just decided to quietly resign before she got fired. She should've had a corker of a Retirement Party - and had the people who supported her known what was really going on she would have. You just can't blame people for operating in their own spheres. I'm sure days or weeks later they had the thought "where is A****?" It makes me sick.

  • Apr 19 '16

    Quote from Sensibility
    Excellent post. I could not have said it better. What the writer identified is so common place that it is scary. I have only met a handful of young nurses who come to night shift for their first position in nursing that really embrace the whole concept of what it is to be a nurse. They immediately enroll in a college for their MSN degree. We had several openings for day shift. I was not asked by upper management if I wanted this. But these nurses who have been there for a year or two were. I do believe they gossip and bad mouth the very people that invested their lives into them to make them successful. I won't say all but many of them do. They want to get out of bedside nursing as quickly as they possibly can. Most of the ones I have met are not as ruthless as the one mentioned above. The scenario of doing something personal while others work is also commonplace. It is one thing if there is some downtime for everyone. No problem. It is another thing if they could so easily take some of the burden off of others but instead without conscience sit there while others are working their b-hinds off.
    In the past several years, it seems that most of the new grads who are hired into the ICU aren't there because they want to take care of the patients or actually work in the ICU. They're there because it will look good on a resume when they go to anesthesia school or NP school. Which they plan to do just as soon as they can get into school. We had one new grad who was having a lot of difficulty -- we nurses her along and provided an unprecedented nine months of orientation . . . Only to have her resign one week after her prolonged orientation ended so she could go to anesthesia school. That girl was scary! I'm surprised she even made it off orientation -- no common sense. And she's probably passing gas somewhere.

    I don't mind someone going on to improve themselves, follow their dream, get more education after they've mastered the basics. But please master the basics before you start planning to leave!

  • Jun 29 '13

    There is a very warm place reserved in the afterlife for bullies.

  • Aug 17 '12

    Yes, I agree that not everyone who gets government healthcare is a layabout or deadbeat. However, there ARE a lot of them. Or maybe its just where I am located. Maybe its also where I grew up. Dont get me wrong, I am far from having grown up to a wealthy family. We were lower middle class at best. But my mother taught me to work hard and make something of myself. Yes, she taught me to share. And I do, for those who help themselves. How many people sell their foodstamps to buy things they shouldnt? How many people on welfare have under the table jobs and net more money than I do? How many people who are completely ABLE to work just stay home having more babies to get a bigger check in the mail? How many people who are CURRENTLY receiving medicare benefits completely abuse it? This is all stuff I saw growing up, and I am seeing a lot of it here. And judging from posts Ive seen on here, Im not the only one who has noticed it.
    If all people were deserving of welfare and social aid, why would there be such a fuss made about mandatory drug testing and all?
    Its just so funny you know. I used to be pretty liberal. Then I opened my eyes and saw it just doesnt work. Now I see how so many liberals treat those who are more conservative. They insult, make assumptions. Mind you, not all of them. Maybe just those Ive been exposed to...

  • Aug 15 '12

    But see thats the point I made on an earlier post. If you compare the 45% income tax to the 20% or so I am looking at here, that 25% difference that comes out of your paycheck certainly makes up the difference. In fact, it comes out to around the cost of pretty high end insurance in the US. Or at least it did for how much *I* was paying...

  • Aug 15 '12

    I might be new to the US, and I might not be as familiar as some with American politics. However, being from Canada, if there are two things I know about, its bull****ing politicians, and the so-called 'wonders' of socialized healthcare.

  • Aug 15 '12

    Quote from MBARNBSN
    OP: The 700 billion SC_Dude is mentioning is in savings not cuts! He is definitely putting a political spin on it because he does not mention the fact that Ryan (the GOP VP pick) has the same "cuts" (same dollar amount over the same time) in his Medicare voucher program. Of course this is not mentioned because he would have to expalin that ONLY the very wealthy will benefit from Ryan's $700 billion in cuts! The rest of us will continue to be underinsured and uninsured using privatized voucher programs!

    By the way, there is no such thing as Obama Care. The health plan program you are probably referring to is called the Affordable Care Act. Basically, in a nut shell, it is AFFORDABLE for all Americans with or without pre-exisiting conditions. So, you as a Nurse will be able to care for people who have health insurance and so they can be more proactive in preventing poor outcomes.

    SC_Dude, congressional men and women and their families and those in the Senate received government run health care! The same people that say it is not good enough for our elderly and those of us in the future refuse to except privatized insurance plans in this country for themselves.... I wonder why? Could it possibly be because it costs too much out-of-pocket and the outcomes for most private insurance companies are poor???? Also, our military men and women and their families plus our military vets receive government run health care with very good outcomes. But of course, this is "OK" for all of the American groups I have mentioned, but not for the rest of us.

    No the rest of us will continue to use our Emergency Rooms as our primary doctor when we can no longer ignore an illness because we cannot find a private company to accept a voucher (No private company will be forced to accept vouchers under Ryan's plan). This raises the cost of private insurance many folds and causes good hard working Americans to suffer the penalty of bankruptcy in an attempt to pay off medical bills and poor health outcomes in an attempt to ignore health problems.... Again, this is "OK" with you since government run insurance is sooooo scary to a small minority of people in this country despite being a good system in other westernized capitalist nations. Fox News Entertainers mention that the British citizens and Canadians hate their government run health insurance. I have yet to meet one in person that agrees. I also have yet to meet a person living and working in Massachusetts that hates his/her government-run health program.... You know.... Romney Care that the Affordable Care Act is based upon??????
    Hey, just thought Id mention, I am a Canadian RN, and I HATE the healthcare system up there. Everything takes too long. If you think people abuse the ER, just wait until everyone has access to it for free! If you think only administrators, doctors and CEOs will have their pays cut, think again. Everyone is going to feel the sting. That means less money to hire nurses, less jobs. That means more overtime, less staffing. It also means less functioning equipment.
    Oh, and speaking of you know that as an RN I was paying around 45% of my salary just in income taxes? That is not counting sales tax, property tax, and all the rest. Really, what ends up happening is that the poor who are already on medicare here will be affected in no way. The middle class(who are the ones hurting the most right now) are the ones who will see the biggest impact on their wallets, and NOT in the way President Obama is lying to everyone about. I have lived with socialized healthcare my whole life. I have worked in that system around 4 years. And let me tell you my friend, it doesnt work.

  • Feb 14 '12

    I used to work at a dialysis clinic that was almost like your first job. At least the dialysis clinic I worked for was heavily profit-driven. So, they hire people and provide no management skills, hence the absence of structural organization as displayed by the unprofessionalism of the techs. So, I do not agree with Mazy at all. The word "subordiante" must be well established into the management practice. A work culture that encourages a leader to regard the techs as equal is bound for frequent turnovers. I know people will get on my case for saying this but I agree that the culture of nurse eating their young is prevalent, although it's not just in nursing. Many professions have this, even doctors. Some people get insecure about their skills. I mean, come on, we all have some sense of insecurity about our skills and knowledge. In some people, that insecurity comes out by pushing down on colleagues with vulnerability, such as new grads. So, unlike Mazy's comment, I do not see any flaws in your attitude. You just had a run of bad luck.

  • Jan 25 '12

    I've had trouble with them as well. I placed an order, paid by debit card, and it was promptly charged to me. I never received the order and they denied that it was placed, although I had proof from my bank that they took money out of my account. I kept asking how they drafted money from my account if there was no order, and they said they could not answer that, but that they had no record of my order. I ended up getting the items (which were of poor quality anyway), but it took over a month of fighting with them and finally threatening to have my bank reverse the charges due to fraud before it happened.