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  • Mar 4

    The saddest part of these stories is that we can offer love and support to the children but we are not the "ones" who the child wants to be giving it. At the end of the day, strangers do not satisfy that need for a real mom or dad. I have witnessed that in life. I have seen some children receive so much love and concern and grow into bitter teenagers only to throw it back in the face of those offering it because it isn't mom. The question keeps churning around in their brain, "Why did my mom leave me? Why didn't she love me more than ______?" My own children are stable because they did receive love from me and continue to receive it.

    People today are self centered and selfish. Being a parent means laying down your life. It requires loss of sleep, sacrifices where you deny your own creature comforts for theirs, patience galore, and an understanding heart. God's grace gave me the strength and ability. How many parents today look to Jesus, prayer or grace? Me thinks not very many. This very comment is going to offend a whole lot of people. I rest my case.

  • Dec 25 '17

    Some people, Ruby, are not as good at others at blowing people's reactions off. They don't teach that in school and when we do act that way, we become the very people we dislike so much. It hard to stay above it. My husband, God bless him, has listened to me on more than a few occasions share some of my frustrations. He prays for me. I don't know what I would do without a husband that prays for me night after night. God has woken him up on some of my worst nights to pray. That is the truth. The thing that works for me is forgiving my offenders and giving it to God to handle. And trust me, He has handled things for me in ways that I could not have. It doesn't help me though when there is so much pressure, anger, abusive talking from patients and the overwhelming responsibility. One thing I am grateful for is that my hospital has zero tolerance for negative behaviors. If an employee wants to get in trouble, just start giving people a hard time of it and that includes the physicians. Nevertheless, when one situations is resolved, another seems to arise. The better we are at patient care and knowing what we are doing, the better we are in other areas. In other words, experience helps. I am a nice person. I don't like nursing either when people aren't nice. I don't like to be yelled at or for people to take their frustrations out on me. These are things that people should know when they sign up for nursing. It is not easy to live day to day in the pressure cooker.