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    I wouldn't be concerned on not hearing back yet... If you go through threads for previous Fall admissions, it looks like the majority of people hear back by Thanksgiving or early December. I am sure most of us will hear something within the next two weeks!!!

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    My app says it still is under review as well!!! I am hoping by Thanksgiving that I will hear something!

    Foxessb1- I sent my online application in on August 31st, and then received my login information on September 2nd. They email you the info in an email titled "We've received your application!" Hope this helps..

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    Congrats imnovak3!!! That is awesome, you must be SO excited... My status changed to the currently under review one, that looks like everyone else has at this point in time. Ugh, this wait is driving me CRAZY!!!

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    Awesome, thanks so much for the info! I have a 3.2 in my last 60 credits, and a 3.5 in my prereq's! Definitely wishing good luck to you too! Keep me posted if you hear anything on your acceptance!

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    Thanks NewJourney! Let us know how you did on the NLN when you find out!

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    Hmmm... The only courses I haven't taken are Computer Science, and Ethics.. So I would still be good in those regards correct? I know the only thing I can do is wait for a response, but I am still SO nervous. I graduated with my degree in Bio, and my GPA surely isn't reflective of my academic ability. When I was younger, I definitely played too much and wasn't too into my academics, ha! Did they mention anything about the last 60 credits? I did well in those, and in all of my prerequisites!

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    Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th!

    Has anyone checked the portal and seen a change in their status?

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    I just took my NLN pax exam last Saturday morning, and luckily it was done on the computer so I received my results instantly. I was SO worried about how I was going to do, as I found out that my acceptance and scholarship was based on the test and was given only 3 days to study! I over-nighted the NLN's study guide and pretty much just skimmed through that, and did a few of the practice tests.

    I practiced math A LOT since I hadn't taken a math class in almost ten years - and probably haven't done math without a calculator in fifteen years! I also reviewed the physics heavily since that was never a strong point of mine.

    I ended up doing fairly well (I think, I am not too sure on what is considered good or bad with this test.) My composite score was 141, math percentile was 99, and verbal and science both fell in the 80s range (can't remember exact numbers off the top of my head.)

    I really think I would have done awful without that study guide!!! If you do the math practice sections multiple times you will do great! The science was difficult, as it had more physics questions than the study guide anticipated and the verbal was pretty much verbatim the study guide.

    Good luck!

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    I knew they were changing the application process up a bit, but had no idea we were now having to take the TEAS test!!! I have requested an application back in July.. I wonder how long I will be waiting for an application! This has ruined my day

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    Hey guys.. Before applying for the BSN Express, I saw that we are supposed to send over our transcripts by fax to be reviewed. Does anyone have an idea on how long it takes to hear back from the evaluation? I just sent mine over yesterday, and want to hear something back soon so I can get my app in ASAP!