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  • Dec 30 '12

    This is too funny. Is this post a joke?? it must be. The best part is that the person who posted this is shellybsn........ Do u seriously have your bsn?? Either u are the dumbest nurse I've come into contact with or you aren't really a nurse.

  • Dec 30 '12

    Quote from Ruas61
    We could start a petition...
    I think for the safety of children everywhere the OP must publish this nurses name address and recent photo so we can all protect our own children. You may not have been able to save your child, but you can help us save ours

  • Dec 14 '12

    Oh, for goodness' sake... Just wear it.

  • Nov 7 '12

    Are you going to sue everyone who cannot offer you a job because you cannot work what are typically the two toughest shifts to staff? PRN would probably be a better fit. Or a M-F clinic setting. But I wouldn't even want to interview you for fear of getting caught in your web.

  • Oct 27 '12

    Sorry for your experience but there is really nothing any of us can do for you via the internet. The people that can look into your claim work in the public relations department of the hospital you were at. This site is more for nurses helping nurses and is not really meant for the general public to come in and complain about poor service. It is unfortunate that patients are treated poorly but it can also be that patients don't necessarily understand why a situation occurred - and that makes them unhappy even tho nothing was done wrong.

  • Oct 17 '12

    Read "Vaccinated....One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases."

    [In 1919] "Maurice Hillerman's mother died a day after he was born, and his twin sister stillborn. As an adult he said that he felt he had escaped an appointment with death. He made it his life's work to see that others could do the same..........his goal of eliminating childhood disease.

    But never mind science, lets not let facts get in our way.....we all know the big bad medical/scientific/pharmaceutical complex is just out to make money, the health of the public be dammed.

    I have always gotten the flu shot. I have never been sick.

  • Oct 10 '12

    You have an attitude problem. It took less than 5 sentences for you to provide evidence of that, and your follow up post solidified it.

    Grow up, drop the attitude and realize that no one but you gives a crap of how great you think you are. I'm just being real with you, dude. I don't know what your background is, but you need someone to say this to you.

    If you want something to "improve on" based on criticism, figure it out. If you're as smart as you said you are, you'll be able to find the implied areas needing improvement based on the aforementioned criticisms. More prudence, less self-congratulatory.

    If nothing else, use it as motivation to perform better.

  • Oct 9 '12

    ^^I just chart 10 when they do that. And also, when I'm assessing a medication's effectiveness, "did the medicine help you?" "Yes, a little." "What would you rate your pain now, 0-10?" "10." *Eye roll, chart 9/10.

  • Oct 5 '12
  • Sep 25 '12

    You can't be serious, people are drug screened prior to being hired and you would not be hired, think what you want, but really, where I work you are not even hired if you smoke tobacco. Plus, who prescibes pot for anxiety. Really? You can't function as a nurse if you are a drug user.

  • Sep 25 '12

    you did not pose a question for us to answer. So we assume you want opinions. Mine is, don't be my nurse if you are on dope

  • Sep 25 '12

    You have some nerve. Be glad anyone responded at all. You may not like the answer, but it remains the same. The only way to know the actual answer is for YOU to contact YOUR BON.

  • Sep 25 '12

    What you believe and what the BON in your state believes can be two very different things, and if you have to go before the board, I'm sure they won't care what you think. Unfortunate, but true.

  • Sep 25 '12

    Quote from hkrntobe
    I guess with all of the Medicare Medical and Oboma care, we've reached a point where it's acceptable to forgo Patient Care?! Seem questionable to me.
    Quote from hkrntobe
    Thank you colleenrn2b. I did. I'm not quite sure were you got that I'm blaming the president though? The reference was intended to point out that Hospitals seem to place more importance on reimbursement concerns than patient care. I did mention Medicare and Medical as well.
    I looked a little side eye at this too. The correct spelling of the President's name is Obama. Also the correct term for it is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. "Obama care" was originally a slur made by Republicans who opposed the President's healthcare law. So that may be how you inadvertently introduced politics into this conversation. I am certainly not taking sides. Republican/Democrats both have great ideas. The hard part is compromising for the greater good of the majority. Even that's hard because the majority may not even know what's best for

    Either way I think you should educate yourself with with the Affordable Care Act and the American Nursing Associations role in supporting this Act.

    I know some subjects are sensitive but you certainly don't want to offend people by speaking of things you may not know much about. Maybe you have to be a nurse for a while to understand some of the struggles in regards to patient care/needs.

  • Sep 25 '12

    Really? You're going to bring politics into this and blame the President?

    Also, I think you mean "advice" instead of "advise" in the two places you've used it so far.

    Quote from hkrntobe
    While I understand that your advise is to keep my mouth shut frankly, several patients and staff have been attacked, including myself. I would rather uphold my standards of nursing care than run the risk of having my license revoked because of an unfortunate incident that could gave been avoided but, went unaddressed simply because I was to afraid to deliver the same care to a patient that I would expect for my friends or family. I find it verry telling that a Nure should be told to Keep her mouth shut as opposed to identify and attempting to resolve a dangerous situation. I guess with all of the Medicare Medical and Oboma care, we've reached a point where it's acceptable to forgo Patient Care?! Seem questionable to me.