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  • Mar 31

    hey if you wanna pass NCLEX, don't question the 'perfect world' of nursing. Just accept the crazy 'perfect world' and you will be rewarded with a nursing license. haha

  • Jul 18 '16

    really? A bit dramatic don't you think?

  • Jun 13 '16

    I also applied with Wells Fargo. I applied for $40,000 and did not have a problem with the money being distributed. I have good credit and also had to do all the leg work on my own. Every time I had a question, I made sure to call them and ask a bunch of questions. I asked them to explain everything to me because all the paperwork can get a bit confusing. Don't be afraid to call and ask for an update. Many time they help you on the spot and you don't have to wait. I have since graduated from nursing school, and have started paying them back. Its quite easy. They really work with you.