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  • Nov 17 '12

    Quote from aloha551
    I am a "mature" RN who left the field of long term care after nearly 30 years. After several years off,I decided to return and took a job with an agency. My first day back was with a LTC facility and my job was to pass meds. I find that my direct supervisor, who was the unit charge nurse was an LPN. Back in the day, this would never have happened. I have always had great respect for LPNs but their area of practice was not equilivant to mine. I found it quite uncomfortable to digress to a young woman who frankly didn't know what she didn't know. I refused to carry out an order that I felt was a detrement to my patient. I felt I was within my scope of practice. My question is: Has this happened to any one else or has things changed so much that we now have LPNs supervising RNs.
    That is unacceptable! LPN's are not equal and will never be to RN's and I would never work under an LPN EVER!!! I worked too long and too hard to be an RN and that to me is demeaning. Not only that, but LPN's should not be in supervisory roles especially in LTC. They are just there to give meds and do treatments and help the aides when needed.