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    Quote from arlel58
    Hello Shavon 3,
    Was the book from HESI/Evolve/Elsevier that you used? What color was the book? Please advise. Was there a version on your exam. Iheard there are four versions of hesi V1, V2, V3, V4 does this make sense to you? What version was yours? Thanks ..
    comprehensive review for the HESI-PN examination Edition 3 Elsevier. it was orange and red w some blue and green. Google the title. I took V1-3.

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    Quote from snowybee
    where did you study from. was it a lot of med surg/Peds.How different it is from ati. Is hesi alot harder. I m using saunders,prentice hall etc.Can you give me some tips how to pass.

    HESI was a majority of EVERY class. I did questions from the HESI disk that came from the back of THE HESI book. I tossed that book in the trash right after passing so I could tell you the name and auther. its a her popular HESI book tho. I've never taken ATI. Saunsers is a good book too but I didnt use it, other students did and found it helpful for HESI. you have to practice questions and READ THE RATIONALES so you'll know why that answer was that answer. you have to read the question 3x before you answer it.and don't talk yourself out of answers. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW. whatever comes to mind first is usually the answer. TAKE YOUR TIME and go slow but dont spend too much time. we were given 3 hours to take the test and I promise you may fail if it takes you more time than that. don't linger on those questions, pick a question and keep it moving! AND TAKE BREAKS! when you start feeling anxious get up and go to the restroom to clear your mind! don't rush through the exam but don't procrastinate either.

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    Hey ladies and gents aka FUTURE NURSES!

    So I had to take HESI 3x to pass. All three exams were different! but by the THIRD time it was only 4 of us taking the exam. They gave us 3 hours to complete it and I took 2.5 hours to finish. The other 2x I only sat there for 90 minutes and basically rushed through the test because I was anxious. I studied the material from the HESI book and took almost all the time and passed it with a score of 1,010. My previous scores were 746 and 833.

    Good luck to all that are going to take it. The best advice I can give is to practice questions via whatever your school supplies you to study HESI and NCLEX questions. All the question were RANDOM. PLEASE know your drug calculations including PEDS. AIRWAY BREATHING CIRCULATION!!!

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    so we get a chance to take HESI 3x before graduation. the first attempt is on the 27th of this month. I'm not really worried about passing but if I do Lord knows I'll be elated. this first chance if you don't pass then you will have a chance to learn your weaknesses and strengthen them for the next go round. the 3rd chance is the night before graduation. so I'm pushing for the first test and kicking butt for the 2nd if I don't pass.

    any advice?

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    I almost didn't make it to med surg I but I did ! ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT!

    so the point of me saying this is, NEVER let anyone sh* on your abilities. some of us fall short sometimes for whatever reason but if you really want something, you do WHATEVER (besides lie, cheat and steal) to get it !

    my instructors didn't think I would make it out of what they call "lower level" into "upper level" but I did. and I did NOT cheat my way there. I stepped my game up to show the ones that doubt me that I'm capable.

    "you're doing better than THEY said you would" will ALWAYS be my words of wisdom and daily motivation and those words weren't even told to me. I heard them from someone else.

    give God all the glory and force yourself. you have to want whatever you want in order to obtain or achieve it.


    GRADUATING August 17, 2012 at 7:00pm. I've claimed it.

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    Mrs. H!
    that story was amazing and inspirational !
    thanks so much and I will definitely take heed to all your advice.

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    after doing some research, I came to the conclusion that I want to attend a university after LPN school and earn my BSN instead of bridging to RN. it's VERY hard to find LPN-RN bachelor programs. I heard there was one at Maryville University but I don't believe and couldn't get many answers from calling their Nursing department so I just decided to get my LPN and go for my BSN. I've already completed majority of my prereqs for BSN programs and after calculating time that I'll spend receiving an ADN and then going for my BSN would be 4 years and a total waste of time that I don't have to waste. Barnes has a 2.5 year BSN program that I could apply to and earn my BSN that way. I would like opinions and suggestions about it and referrals to LPN-BSN programs. thank so much !

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    Shavon, Metropolitan Education and Training Center (Met Center), St. Louis, MO (Wellston area), 12 months. Start Date: Monday, August 22