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  • Jul 15 '15

    We need to be patient enough to wait.. inshaallah after this ramadan something good will happen.. God is good...

  • Jul 15 '15

    hi! I was hired also by KAAUH last nov.28, 2014 and up to now I am still waiting for any progress of our application. I have also a friend working there and advised me to keep on waiting. I have seen the picture of the place and the accomodation is good. I have heard also that many applicants already pull out their application. The management is continously saying no update also is becoming impatient for its been almost 8 months of waiting...

  • Jul 15 '15

    waiting was really frustrating.i cannot withdraw anymore coz my workgap was too long already.i guess ill just have to wait then.i hope they'll send visa after ramadan.lets just hope for the best.

  • Jul 15 '15

    hello,kyusinars. yep,ill wait.i had no choice, my workgap was way too long already..i know ill be having a hard time applying in other agencies if i back out on to about u?

  • Jul 15 '15

    Hi kyusinars.. we are on the same boat. Do you have a visa already? Did you pay documentation fee already with megapro? their placement fee is so high.

  • Aug 16 '11

    hi everyone. if only i knew this site back then, i wouldn't be on the rough road of my nursing career.. (sigh)

    i had my final interview with the deputy director for nursing (ddn) last may2011, panel interview last september2010, exam of june 2010..

    for the final interview, we were 10 interviewees then.. 9 of them were interviewed for about 5-10 minutes, mostly of personal and some nursing questions.. pay attention with your mannerisms, unnecessary arm movements, gait, posture and the manner you answer her questions since the ddn takes note of those-- A LOT.

    unfortunately, it took me 35 minutes, that was according to my co-interviewees.. that's because of my case, being a registered nurse-midwife and registered medical technologist. nursing is my first course (2008), followed by midwifery and medical technology..

    first, the ddn ask to describe myself.. followed by my future plans in 5, 10, and 15 years.. staffing formula since i do also have a masters degree in nursing.. conversion of celsius to farenheit vice versa, management of hepatic encephalopathy (i failed to answer this straightforwardly since my brain is already suffering from mental diarrhea), 10 rights of drug admin(i only managed to give 5), area of choice if accepted, reason why i took midwifery and medical technology, enumerate some parasites in the human body, and the ddn do also give a couple of clinical situations and ask me to answer using the nursing process.

    i know to myself that i didn't give my best because anxiety blocked my senses.. "failed" entered my mind.. but, the ddn ask me to proceed to the hr dept for the orientation.. i was really happy then.. same happiness i felt when i passed my board exams..

    i thought the hr would already ask me to sign the 3 year contract but she told me to complete some requirements for employment AND to wait again, maximum of 2 years since their priority were the graduates of University of the Philippines College of Nursing..

    well, good things comes to those who wait.