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    That is some serious BS! You had a Joint Commision drill or a highschool resource officer drill. Joint Commision has never ever asked anyone to my knowledge what they keep in their locker much less checked it out.

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    Yes, the biggest tattle tales are usually the ones who don't do their jobs and do anything and everything else, including diverting and I just don't mean meds. Some people just divert time and attention away from patient care and focus everything on meeting their own needs and whims when they are at work. I would not confront her. I would let her overhear me talking to an attorney about slander and libel and what it takes to build a successful case. I would also email the nurse manager all my concerns including that I do feel that the accusation was retaliatory for refusing to waste with the other individual. If asked why I did not report. I would say that I did not feel the need to accuse anyone of anything and really did not suspect wrong doing and I assume whoever wasted with said nurse saw them waste the medication. You don't know what might come next. I would build a mountain of paper evidence.

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    A Huggies with a melted Hershey's bar.

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    I guess I'll be the first to say I got a packet in the mail for part time. I don't know if I want to ask if I can go full time. I want to finish and not drag on and on, but I also want to be able to really focus and absorb everything. I was in state with a competitive GPA on the last 60 hours, either 3.8 or 3.9 depending on how you calculate it and I took the GRE anyway. So, they have actually put them in the mail. =)

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    Nothing here, if that helps you. It helps me to know that there is not a packet out there lost in the mail somewhere.

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    I'm a beside nurse. My co-workers are not jerks. My boss a boss, but if you are having major tragedy or life change then she can be a friend and my patients run the gamut. Some are incredible inspiring people and some are entitled snits. I try to tell myself the entitled snits are going through the worst time of their life and therefore don't really realize how bad they are acting. The patient satisfaction stuff is evidence based. It's common sense that people who feel like you really care for them will listen to education and try to follow instructions. Some times I feel a little unprofessional that the whole circus just really amuses me. People amuse, they way they act and react and I just enjoy getting to know them. After 12 hours if I really don't like them, no worries, they aren't coming home with me. Some days I feel exactly like the OP, but they are rare. Usually at least one person at my job shows genuine concern for my welfare. I don't always take my break, at least not all in one chunk cause I don't want Mrs. So and So waiting for the bathroom help until she goes it on her own and hits the floor. I could tell the secretary I'm on lunch and if my time is on the sheet then I would not be liable. I can even leave the floor and still get my work done. The OP is either in a toxic environment or just burned out. I would not encourage my girls to go into nursing and I am pursing an advanced degree but I feel like my baby's starting kindergarten. I want to cherish my last days on the floor. I could quit tommorow and live off my hubbys income. I juggle childcare and probably clear less than $200 to $300 a week for what I do but it's fun. It is really fun. It has changed a lot though in the seven years I have been a nurse and I am afraid it soon will be as the OP spoke of everywhere nursing is practiced. It breaks my heart. I don't know how our profession and those in it will adapt but we will because we must. Just wish I could change statuses more often than I changed my underwear as my former nurse manager put in 05 and still get a raise every six months. It's not what it used to be but my hearts still in it.

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    If it were me, knowing I was leaving, I would have to know who's invention this "problem" of mine was. It may not help you smile more though. I would go fishing and get somebody to tell me what their real problem is. Example: "Hey, Karen, you seem to never get stressed out. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on looking more relaxed. I have recently gotten some feedback that says I seem stressed, don't smile, ect." I would smile the whole time I watched whoever I suspected said something either squirm or come out with it. Then I would suck it up, and try to whatever whichever person wanted me to do. I waited tables in college. Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself this person is rude, two-faced, whatever they may be, but I will get what I need from them. I will overcome their bad attitude. I got $100 tips sometimes and made money off the tables no one else would take. Bake some cup cakes or something too. If it had any potential of lasting a long time I would say run and definately don't bow down. Just make yourself too dang sweet to be mean too, even if your not. I wonder if there is some kind of botox that can make you smile like that guy on the male enhancement commercial.

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    Proof that those who parade around in public in scrubs definately are not nurses and may not be human.

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    So tell me what you think. I recieved a letter from financial aide stating that I had not been admitted to UAB for the term. It was dated May 22, but post marked May 29. So I got really nosy and logged into my old undergrad account, for the term Fall 2012 I am listed as a graduate student and have holds on my account for a background check and a drug screen. AM I IN? Dying here!

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    I love it. It does not force your reality on the patient but gives her some encouragement in love in her reality, if she can come out to claim it. SWEET!