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    LubbockNP- tried calling you. No answer

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    Inbox me your number. I will call you

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    I'm super happy for you! I just finished Vetpro last week (Thursday). I turned in my official transcripts and paper version Credentialing stuff this week (Monday), and I'm scheduled for my physical and fingerprinting this upcoming Monday. I just got offered a job 2-weeks ago with the VA in their Outpatient Clinic-I'm a Psych NP. Things seem like their moving along so congrats to us both! I guess I need to start on my packet for boarding/pay next.

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    Wow, good luck to you! I know you're anxious.

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    That's no problem. To add a little more icing to the cake USA staff will provide every student starting clinicals an extensive list of NPs and Psychiatrists who volunteer to precept every year and/or who other students have used. The list is long, across several states, and has contact info. This list will include a full list of facilities and the person to contact from almost every state that prior students have secured clinical contracts at. I found both of my Psych NPs from that list. It helped a ton. Good luck to you.

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    Yes. Clinical time was allowed whenever you and your preceptor agreed that it would be. A preformulated schedule of your days and hours-to-be must be given to your clinical advisor so that surprise site visits can occur.

    USA clinicals requires 50% inpatient and 50% outpatient experiences with children and adults. A psych NP preceptor (with at least 1 year of experience) is required but you can have multiple Preceptors to include psychiatrist. I had 2-psych NPs and 1-psychiatrist preceptor. Finding at least one Psych NP preceptor was the toughest, but I thank God I was able to find 2. If you find a Family Psych NP who works in both inpatient and outpatient and sees both children and adults in his/her practice, then yes, you can have just 1-preceptor. But finding such thing is tough. I recommend multiple preceptors (1-must be a NP certified in Adult Psych, Child Psych, or Family Psych). There were some exceptions made for a few individuals who lived in rural areas or States with little or no NPs. But in general, some of your experience must come from at least 1-psych certified NP. 1-course will require a few (Assessment-type) hours with an FNP as well.

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    In the beginning, I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati's (UC) Adult Psych NP program & USA's BSN-DNP program. My UC admission was to begin in the Fall 2012 and finished before USA which I was admitted for the Spring 2013. At the time, UC was a MSN only and I was afraid to decline a DNP admission at USA, so I accepted both until I could decide who I would commit to. I began UC first in the Fall 2012 as a degree-seeking student and took patho-, pharm, & assessment. I also began USA that next semester and transferred my courses in with no problem. My situation was unique but it worked out for me.

    I was able to manage working full time through all of these courses but I'm a bit crazy--more crazy about my education than some others. I had a slight squabble or 2 with my supervisor for time off to attend USA's mandatory orientation and to do my Assessment course clinical hours. It was not easy. However, if you have an understanding Supervisor, it will work out better for you. I made sure my finances were okay before I started this venture. I saved every penny in case my grades suffered and I needed to resign from work. I like to plan ahead though and worked fulltime through the core courses, then part time and PRN through the rest. I resigned from my regular RN job the month I was set to graduate with my MSN.

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    Yes I did. I worked fulltime. Lots of others did too. Your personal life will suffer. If you are able to incrementally decrease your time at the job, it will always help.. I changed to part time eventually (22 hrs/week) but only once clinicals began.

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    Hi Amtrak. Did you attend USA in the Spring of last year as you shared? Was just curious how things worked out for you. Thanks.


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    Well, there is a Professor that has a particular style of doing things (in my opinion). The first time for any person with a new Professor is a challenge. You will have to learn their style. You conform or you'll have problems-it's very simple. This Professor accepted No late work, no missed anything, no acceptable excuses, just by the book too the number. But I focused on the positives. The work is graded firm everytime, no one's excuses were acceptable, and you were guaranteed to have some to (rightfully) dissent in each course. The Pros is every course by that Professor had relatively clear expectations-
    "I accept No excuses no complaints, when you take a course taught by me, just be ready."

    You can have this type of mentality at any University and from any Professor. The question is, can you adapt, if only for a few semesters, to reach your goals. For some courses I focused on no distractions and valid disputes and got through quite easily with primarily A's and B's. For other classes, my focus changed based on the Professors needs and expectations. That's just life. If you can't handle the Personality you want be able to handle the work that comes afterwards. And trust me, people who shared their experience were probably correct, but will that be yours? Because it sure wasn't mines. That "Personality" is just another drop in the bucket for me. And I kept things moving, right along with the most of the class-. It is doable.

    I hope this helps. Whatever decision you make, let it be right for you.

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    mtsteelhorse: There will always be an opportunity to conduct Therapy as a PMHNP. It falls within the role od PMHNPs. Now ask me about Medicaid/Medicare and/or private insurance reimbursement for these services? (Very little if any) then ask about time constraints for it. A parg of the problem is supply and demand. Unfortunately, the majority of mental health demand is in medication management, and as long as some State Boards restrict NP practices and insurance companies refuse/decline or limit the number of Therapy sessions reimburseable to an NP, then those opportunities will remain far an in between. But they are still out there (I just haven't seen any-nor am I allotted time for such in my own work as a PMHNP.

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    USA is a great school. I began this Thread as an eager student awaiting an acceptance or denial letter (of which I was accepted) now I'm a Board Certified Adult Psychiatric NP finishing up my Family Psych DNP at USA. I love the school, and feel I should contribute to those just like me. If I can answer any questions for anyone out there, please let me know.

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    I am entering my 3rd semester in the Psych NP BSN-DNP program. I have to say to those of you interested: Do not let anyone talk you out of gathering your own experience of USA's online work. I have gained so much from this school and yes, my writing, critiquing abilities etc. have drastically improved. I have great instructors who have (on more occasions than one, been very flexible and considerate). There are a few things I don't care for but nothing at all nearly bad enough to want to or need to leave them. For those who asked, I took Adv. Assessment, Adv. Patho, & Adv. Pharm at the University of Cinncinati online was able to transfer them seamlessly. If you have any questions more, ask away.

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    Tiff, Nothing at will help you more than the required & recommended text in each class, except the APA book. You will need ONLY the format they tell you to buy & that exact edition. You will need to read it throughout. You'll even be tested on that book.I suggest NOT buying any APA formatting software or anything offering to put it in APA format for you. Many students have been burnt that way. Do your own work & know your book as 20% or more of each assignment can be lost off of simple APA mistakes. The first class may or may not be as forgiving, but you will see what I mean.#2 Find a clinical site now. Talk to a psychiatrist or Family NP about the possibility. You'll be surprised how quickly clinical time will arrival, & the paperwork/contracts is steep. #3 get your bills low & your work requirements lower (I now work only part-time after almost making a C in my class). BSN-DNP students can only make a maximum of 2-C's throughout the entire curriculum then you're put out. Some people made a C in their first class--such a long way to go still & that thought alone is scary. Post-Masters students can only make 1-C. I hope this helps! Congrats again!

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    I work in New Orleans and the job market (from what I've heard) is though for new grads everywhere (in the U.S. that is). Therefore, you have to offer some things other new grads can't. Join a few professional organizations (ANA, ENA, etc.) for your resume. Look at : Louisiana Department of Civil Service : Working for the state is good benefits and University Hospital in New Orleans offers amazing level 1 trauma experience. Get your PALS, ACLS, & BLS, certifications now while look for a job. Check Touro Hospital's website. Great place to work, I heard. Also, Job Search | one search. all jobs. & www.simplyhired.comOne last thing. If you're interested, look-up & call some schools. A lot of charter schools are looking for School nurses and paid me $30/hr fresh out of school when I started. It was a great experience. I've since been in ER, Psych, & PACU. I do love nursing! But don't be a slacker. Being a good nurse, being proactive in your experience, w/certifications, getting additional training & a higher education takes you the farthest. Good luck to you & Congrats!