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  • Apr 28 '13

    Yay thanks for the response thorabeech. Yay haha. Okay I may need to really consider getting some other jobs first while waiting for it.

  • Feb 18 '13

    Hi thorabeech.. They sent an SMS asking me to call pgh nursing service office for my final interview schedule..

  • Feb 18 '13

    Quote from thorabeech
    First of all, congrats bleuler! mikeru22's right, you're only one step away.

    By the way, how did they contact you for the final interview? Did they sent an SMS or they called you? I'm really worried as I am out of the country as of the moment. I had my exam April 2011 and had my panel on July the same year. I am so excited reading the "success" stories of the people here, it keeps my faith alive.

    And I do agree, it will really feel great if we got in without the help of a "backer."

    Hope to meet you guys soon in PGH!
    Wow thorabeech did you send them your updated contact number? You surely are on the queue and they will be getting a hold of you very soon. Bleuler had the panel interview in Jan 2011, you had yours in July 2011, it was just 6 months away from Bleuler's. I wish I had started earlier hehe.

  • Feb 16 '13

    Yes, i think we really need to have tons of patience for this one.. Haha.. And i think it's much better if you got in without needing a "backer" because a different kind of sense of fulfillment will be there.. Haha.. Anyway, Godbless you in your pgh journey..

  • Feb 11 '13


    thanks for your reply! i've been waiting for them to call for almost 1 and 1/2 years and counting.. i was quite worried though if they are still calling anyone...


    wow! glad to hear this good news.. hopefully, anytime this year, they will be calling us for our final interview.

  • Nov 3 '12

    thanks thorabeech i passed. ) what is the next step after passing the exam?how can i have interview?are there any requirements to pass before they schedule us for an interview?thanks..

  • Nov 2 '12

    Done with panel interview. God is good. I enjoyed the interview and it was entirely different than what I thought it would be like. The panelists are head nurses of various specialty wards in PGH but they are okay. I was just asked personal questions.

  • Oct 18 '12

    Quote from jennyxxx28
    hi guys! I just passed the june 2012 NLE, and i'm planning to have my training at PGH..Just wanna ask if anyone here knows when will they release the APCN dean's form?
    thanks guys! Godbless..=)
    Good decision. They will release the next batch of dean's form on November 5, 2012 (as posted lately on the bulletin board of DNET). Just make sure you check on them once in a while, just in case there will be changes.

    If you're considering to work in PGH, I suggest you begin processing your application as well. Start by taking the Nursing Practice Exam given by the DNRD. Being a fresh board passer, will give you an edge in passing that difficult exam. As they say, it will take 2-3 years before one is deployed in their institution. But at least, while attending the APCN, your application is running already. Good luck!

  • Oct 15 '12

    shinanigan:as to my job application experience, it took me 3 years to finally fill up the position as Nurse I at PGH. After passing the written exam it was after a year that I had my panel interview, a year passed then I had my final interview then recently my medical exam...then I got hired. I wasn't really expecting they would still contact me because of the large "pool" of applicants they had who also shared the same experience. During that waiting period I made sure no time is wasted. I took trainings, volunteer works, applied to almost every hospital (even applied as a military nurse), took & passed NCLEX, even had a non-nursing related job. I am very eager to gain & develop knowledge & skills related or not to my chosen profession. Then, I found myself working as a ER staff in a private hospital--it was overwhelmingly challenging but I was happy that finally I had my formal hospital job. I felt I have adjusted already then a MAJOR dilemma came in--finally my NC (military nurse) & PGH appication knocks! And I was like...whoa!!! It was very though, I had to think it over for some time, prayed really hard & seek advice from my "mentors"....PFT (for NC) or leaving my safe zone & starting back to zero in a public hospital. To cut the long story short...I am now a PGH staff nurse. Is it worth it? Yes! How would you survive a almost 1:20 nurse-patient ratio if you come there unpreprared. Nonetheless, there are lots of benefit, perks that comes with it--which will be revealed once you're part of it. Hope my experience sheds some light. Good luck & Glod Bless to everyone!