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  • Mar 31

    Quote from Franemtnurse
    I just love those alzheimers patients.
    Yeah, so do I since my Mom has Alzheimers. These are your patients but it's a lot different if your loved one suffers from the disease. My laughter when she does these strange things is because if I didn't I would be spending my time crying.

  • Mar 25

    My Grandparents lived outside of Pinckneyville. My cousins RuthAnne (age 11) and Frankie (age unknown at the time) were brother and sister who spent most of their childhood at our Grandparents house. One night in 1969 they were coming home from town and my cousin RuthAnne was struck by a drunk driver - she was thrown from her bicycle and died instantly. My family was in California when we received the sad news of her death.

    In 1971 my Dad retired from the Navy and he got a job in the Chicago area. This was great because his family in Southern Illinois were much closer and as a result we spent a lot of weekends visiting them. We spent the night at his parents' house and here is where the ghost story begins.
    During one of those visits in the middle of the night my Mom heard a child calling for their "Mommy". Thinking it was one of her 5 children she got up to see if we were okay. We were all sound asleep so she went back to bed.
    The next time we visited she woke up with the feeling that something was not right. She looked out into the living room where my two sisters were sleeping and saw a young girl standing there looking down at my younger sister with her arms outstretched. Mom got spooked and hid her head under the blanket. She then realized it was my dead cousin standing out there and peeked her head out from the blanket. RuthAnne was still there. All of a sudden she started to evaporate and went out of the room through the living room wall.
    The next morning Mom tells my Dad that we are leaving. Dad, as expected, was mad and asked why. Mom said she saw RuthAnne and was never going to spend another night in this house. And she never did. When we visited again her, my dad and my youngest sister always stayed in a motel. We had other relatives but she refused to stay at their house too. She later told me that she felt uneasy at my Aunt's house. I think that's because she sensed that it was haunted too.

    My Aunt lived in Nashville, Ill. Her house had 4 ghosts - her dead husband, the original owner and her little dog, and a little blonde haired girl.

    The original owner didn't like anyone sleeping in her room. If you did she would pull the blankets off in the middle of the night. Her little dog was seen by my cousin and her friend. One day while doing homework in the kitchen, in walked a little black dog who went under the table. My cousin and her friend were stunned and when they looked the dog was not there.
    My Uncle died in 1976 when a piece of steel fell on him at the steel mill where he worked. In 1979 my Grandpa died and while staying at my Aunt's house my Dad had two ghostly encounters. He had the privilege of having his blankets pulled off of him one night while sleeping in the original owner's room. While sitting at the kitchen table one evening my Aunt told him that every night at a certain time (the same time her dead husband came home from work when he was alive) the back door would open by itself. And sure enough it did at the time she said it would.
    My Aunt would later tell me that she could never get anyone to spend the night at her house. She told me that my cousin Cathy, who was very little when her Grandpa died, had made it clear she wouldn't. Seems she had woken up one night and saw a man in overalls standing in the doorway. My Aunt told me she had woken up on several occasions and saw her dead husband standing next to the bed. She told me she wasn't scared and always asked him what he wanted.
    No one knows who the little blonde haired girl is. She likes to cry. One night my Aunt woke up to this crying and when she went out to the hallway she saw this very pretty little blonde haired girl standing there just crying. My Aunt asked her if she needed help and when she did she just evaporated. Later when she told my cousin Tina about this ghost Tina said she always used to see her when she was little. My Aunt has passed away and one wonders if she too is now a ghost in her house.
    Getting back to my cousin RuthAnne, when my Mom told my Dad that she saw RuthAnne that night his parents said nothing - they just smiled. Everyone thought she was "crazy" but my cousin Steve had an experience that convinced him something wasn't right in that house. He told my Mom that while standing in one part of the living room it got real cold all of a sudden. My sister also thought she was nuts but after hearing some of the stories about "that house" as she put it, she realized that Mom wasn't so nutty. She's never told me the stories though.
    As for me, I never thought Mom was crazy because I believe in ghosts and had my own encounter with RuthAnne I believe. During the latter '70s when Grandpa was ill from cancer he and Grandma moved into Nashville. During one of our visits he, Tina and I went to the old house to retrieve some things. It was a hot day. I was standing right in front of the door and when he opened it the BIGGEST burst of cold air shot out of that door as if it was greeting us. The cold air was just not "normal" because the house had been shut up for so long and it was a hot day. I believe it was RuthAnne.

  • Sep 11 '15

    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    No flaming here.
    Know that if we don't laugh, we cry.
    That's me and my Dad's favorite saying when it comes to my Mom. It's so sad to see the once vibrant and independent woman that she once was now just a shell of herself. And to the person who got offended by this thread we've found that laughter can be a huge stress release and my Mom even joins in on it. She's in the hospital now after undergoing surgery for a fractured hip but she has everyone who saw her in stitches because she is so funny(and she was even laughing). I didn't get offended when they laughed with us.

    What does offend me is the ignorance of some medical professionals when it comes to dementia patients. You don't sit a call bell on their bed and tell them to use it when they need help or explain to them how to work the tv because 5 seconds later they are going to forget what you just told them. My Mom was at the ER for constipation a few years back when she was home and the nurse puts her on the commode with a call bell and tells her to ring it when she is done. Fifteen minutes later I go in to see how she is and she is just so confused-she had no idea what that string was for. Luckily the charge nurse I talked to today was willing to hear me regarding these concerns and came up with some solutions that work.

    Luckily the majority of the CNA's and nurses at the SNF where she lives now know how to treat Alzmeimers patients but every once in a while there will be someone who thinks they know it all and I have had to file a concern over one of them because she was bullying my Mom. That's what offends me, not the nurse who might laugh when my mom says or does something cute and funny.

  • Jun 8 '15

    You know what's funny? There are a lot of CNA's who can't get jobs because they have no experience. Most places want a year's experience. Maybe these places should change their employment requirements and start hiring the ones fresh out of school-I'm sure they would be more than willing to work for a paycheck.

    When I had my neck surgery I was told not to lift anything. But people on the spine/ortho floor I was on somehow had no clue that I wasn't supposed to. I am a short person and had a very hard time using the high toilet in the bathroom. I had a cervical collar on and had all these new restrictions on how I was supposed to move. I had to back up to the toilet and sit down. The therapy people that came in said to use a step stool yet since I was not supposed to lift anything that was not a possibility. So I used the portable commode in the room. When the tech saw me doing it she got ****** and said emptying it was just one more thing for her to do and ordered me to use the toilet in the bathroom-I was supposed to lift the seat of it up. Mind you, the nurse had already told me it would be okay to use the commode so I went out and had a chat with her. She said she would talk to the tech. I did not like that tech one bit. Her first words to me when we met was she was surprised I was in for another day considering how well I was doing. She's just a tech not a nurse or doctor.

    It's the same way at the NH my Mom was at. Some of those CNA's are so bossy. One thought she ran the unit and not many patients or family members liked her. She was fired for getting abusive with a resident.