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    Nope, I sure didn't.

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    I think it's safe to assume that everyone is nervous going into the TEAS test knowing that their acceptance hinges on that score. I feel like I did pretty well having received an 81.3 overall score. BUT, I also scored an 81 on the reading portion. CPCC's minimum score on the reading portion is 85. That would mean 95th percentile plus. I submitted my packet anyway but I can't help but think I wasted my time hustling that packet in when I didn't make the required score for one section even though I surpassed the overall program mean score by a wide margin. I'm aware that the version V TEAS is considered significantly more difficult than the previous versions and I'm skeptically hoping that the application hasn't been updated to reflect the expected lower section score! A man can hope right! By ANY chance has anyone out the submitted and been accepted with one section's score being lower than the stated minimum on the application? CPCC that is.