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    quote " I go to work to have a life, i don't have a life so i can work"

    that sounds like : I EAT TO LIVE, I don't LIVE TO EAT.

    ther is a big difference between the two.

    the balance within our self internal structure depends on how we think and act on family relation, personal desires and goals.

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    Quote from tmartin83
    Even though I just graduated from a 4-year BSN program (with a minor), I do at times look back and wish that I would have gone to a CC (only because I would now have about 2 years of experience under my belt, and I would have a nice hump of change in my bank account).

    I had a full ride to college, so the debt was not an issue for me; however, I really felt like I wasted more time than anything (2 years worth of time taking bull**** gen-eds), which to me is much more precious. I also moved far away from friends, had no social life, and just... hated college. On top of that, I just realized a few weeks ago that the CC that I would have gone to has had like 95-100% pass rates since 2000, versus my 4-year program that has NEVER had a 100% pass rate (68-95%).

    Can you believe that!?!?!?!?

    So do I feel like poo? Yup... Can I change it??? No. Instead, I keep it moving...

    I mean, yea, it's nice to be able to put the creds RN, BSN behind your name and all, but at the end of the day, that will be overshadowed by either CRNA or some sort of NP (hopefully WHNP) that I'll achieve in the future anyway, soooo yea...

    And I will get paid slightly more for my BSN... but does that give me back the 2 yrs that I felt I wasted... Nope.

    I have wondered about CC 2 year or university 4 year training in college before, I realize today that the 2 years between ADN and BSN schooling does make differences in the way you think and analyse the complexity of human disease process. 4 year schooling provides you a better preparation for complicated patient care, but 2 year CC training does not provide a solid analytical ground for critical thinking. you may not know at this time, but it does make difference in the way we look at things, analyse and respond. To do good on NCLEX , one only need to prepare for it like prepare for high school SAT.

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    Quote from LadyinScrubs
    Loved community college because tuition is less, smaller classes, professors/instructors do not have to publish and enjoy teaching, and the college was close to home. I transferred from the community college to a BSN program and never looked back. For those who paid top dollar for their 4 year university education, they may have a nice diploma to hang on the wall, but they are also repaying large student loans.

    How many patient cares have you done since graduated from Community college?

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    [quote=LotusRN1972;5590985]Hello My Friends,
    Your assistance is needed more than ever!!!
    I am a new grad straight out of school AND I landed a job in a SNF/LT/Rehab in San Diego.
    The problem???
    1)Well, I notice that I receive report in Tagalog (I speak English) and am constantly spoken about in the language. This is from SEASONED (15-20 years at the facility nurse(LVN's, I rarely see RN's)).
    2) Patients (who are NOT Philipino) are treated with so much disregard, it is sad to see!!! They are yelled at, left in the hallways (without water, with mouths wide open= excessive thirst).I do attend to these patients my self ........

    sounds like the place you are working for is a type of skilled nursing facilitiy, if so, it should have many nursing assistants available for you as RN to take advantage, some nursing assistants are bossy, rude and hiding, but some are very konwledgeable and responsible, get to know them and arrage patient care assignments to them, be strong on your attitude when you face the rude nursing assistants, most likely they would avoid the assisgnment from you if you are too soft. I really dislike to face the disparity problems in the patient care today, it seems like health care field is a play ground for some health care professionals to practice racial discrimination and persue personnal revange, while many people use a great effort to build up the tower of humanity, some narrow minded individuals hide in the back trying to degrade it. It is such a shame! You move on as a good nurse and do good as you suppose to, do not be one of those nurses. Love you and best regard to you.

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    Don't mean to upset nursing professionals, half of my families work in hospital as medical doctors or nurses, I truly respect every medical professional in this world. I just want to be realistic, If language profeciency is the dominate factor in medical diagosis, procedures and treatment, then the medical industries would not hire professionals who are not considered proficient in American language. I happen to know that half of M.D. working in John Hopkin Hospitals speak with accents, if language is a primary concern and can affect the quality of work, than John Hopkin would not hire them. There are reasons for hospital industry to use medical and nursing professional from different cultural background. I have a nursing background and also an bioengineer, I can see the trend of health care is to replace nursing work with technology, you are right, it does not matter how many language or what languages we are capable to speak, it would never be enough to accommodate the need in health care field. many hospitals begin to use robotic system to deliver and check medication treatment, computerized translators are also installed in patient's rooms to assist in communications, right now robot nurses are put in trial stage in hospitals in Japan, computerized medical system are heavily designed, utilized and implemented to meet the weakness of health care field. I do like to point out, at this time, that health care professionals should be alert with a demand on nurses to learn more about technology in the near future.

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    I feel frustrated and angry one evening during clinical rotation, again that instructor purposely responded to my questions with neglegence, I remember she hardly look at me, to answer my question, she either looked somewhere else or looked at some body next to me. or simply glancing over me wtih no answer, I am a minority and speak with accents, my previous education from a top university tells me this is a sign of discrimination, community college has been very dissatisfy my demand for quality education, I check into the back ground of this instructors, discover most of them either graduated from university of Pheonix or a very community level of nursing program, at this moment I do not feel I should go back that CC to complet RN training and ruin my own educational expection, a second degree BSN is in my plan, but the cost would be around $35,000 to complete, I do like to gain a PhD some day in bioEngineering PSU or U of Maryland, the issue about money put me in the thoughts of go back engineering track, how do you think, I need some encouragement to get rid of the memory of the bad feeling,the feeling of being discriminated is very bad, I speak 3 lanaguages and I did not discriminate anyone who speak only one, I grauduated from a University much harder and real, but they in this CC o nly concern my face and accents, I wonder this is the quality of CC education to produce. I am not discouraging anyone who are attending CC for education, I had three wonderful teachers in this CC who really are in my apprecaion list when I was trying to learn biology, for engineering students, the worse coursed to deal with is courses that require memorization, I leared very hard from there three retire MD instructors and passed 4 biology courses with high A, they really turned on my other part of brain circuitry, my mind held them as heroes every day. can any one help me to look at this bad experience, I would be very appreciated. thank you and whatever your view could be I can learn something.

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    it is time to adapt the new world now, for you too, as a nurse, as you konw the impact of diversity of culture and nationality, please remember, if other RN or MD can speak American language with accent that means you need to be able to speak at least 2 different languages, be strong and be a winner, donot be a looser and sob in your frustrations.