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  • Nov 29

    My personal feeling is that I worked quite a bit to get my MSN. I'd like to focus on building my professional and clinical skills. In the future I may pursue DNP, but I think it would cheapen the experience to rush through to get it now just because. I have had no trouble finding a job. I see no reason to add to my current student loan debt. As a young provider, I have a lot to learn and many years to practice. I think I have plenty of time to pursue the terminal degree when I am more established.

  • Mar 22

    Quote from SummitRN
    I think it is a valid to ask whether the extra year of school for "research" is truly focused on clinically applicable information? Or is it a year of nursing theory, "leadership," and other filler to charge students for in exchange for credit hours and credential inflation?

    For example, Mom to 4's complaint about papers: are these 10-20 page papers useful and applicable or are they more like RN school busy-work drivel?

    Useful: "write 20 pages discussing the latest longitudinal findings on heart disease modifiable risk factors and pharmacological management and relate it to key practice goals for best management of a patient in the primary care environment"

    Drivel: "write 20 pages discussing how five different nursing theorists would approach the psychosocial factors affecting food choice and how it may relate to risk for altered perfusion status in primary care patients."
    I totally agree about the papers. Let them be pertinent to clinical practice. The whole point of my program is to create entry level primary care providers. Writing useful papers and creating power points about anticipatory guidance are very helpful for me to understand concepts and teach them to my patients. While I can utilize the framework of a nursing theorist, I think 1 class would suffice. I had my fill of EBP classes in my BSN! Let the DNP expand clinical skills to make better clinicians.

  • Dec 19 '15

    I work in a wellness center in NJ. I mostly work with biofeedback patients but I also give injections and monitor/DC IVs. It's not stressful at all and I love it. This is my second job as an RN, but I only just gained one year of experience last month. I learned a lot at my first job in a prison but it was a little too autonomous for the new grad. I think I knew from the first semester in nursing school that I never wanted to be a bed side nurse. It's not for everyone.

  • Dec 18 '15

    Gotta love my Littmann II. Lightweight and great acoustics. I got mine from Craigslist, new in the box for $50. I had an Ultrascope in nursing school, which I also liked. However, I think the Littmann sounds better. I can't say that I drop them a lot, but they are still going strong after 6 years.