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    I had a positive PPD about 24 years ago. My CXR was negative. I took INH for 6 months and was told to never have another skin test because 1) it would always show positive and 2) it could cause a serious reaction. As a teacher, I was required to have a CXR every other year. Fast forward to a few years ago when I started in healthcare. The hospital never required any thing from me other than an annual form that stated I didn't have any TB symptoms nor was I exposed to anybody with TB. I started with a different hospital last week. They drew a quantiferon test and told me it was a new requirement for 2016 for all new employees with a positive PPD.

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    [QUOTE=elizabeast7;8862378]Yes - that is how we are, too. Things are grouped in two categories.

    Non-scan - syringes, toiletries, etc.

    Scanned - wound care, foleys, IV tubing, etc. ]]

    I can't imagine scanning foleys and IV tubing! We only scan meds. That's it!

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    I graduated Dec 2014 and started Feb 2015 in a level 1 trauma center/adult ED. Now that I've been there almost a year, I realize it's not for me. I've always been interested in women's health (ED was choice #1 and Women's Services was #2) so when an RN position in an LDRP unit at another hospital basically fell into my lap last week, I scooped it up. Here's where I need your help...I haven't touched anything maternity/neonatal since school! I contacted my instructor who was gracious enough to give me a textbook to review since I've gotten rid of everything from school. What resources would be helpful as I make the transition from adult ED to LDRP? Websites, books, blogs....recommendations, please!

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    My plan was:
    1) Do well in school.
    2) Use whatever free resources I could get at school, online, and from classmates.
    3) Don't freak out about NCLEX.
    4) Take NCLEX ASAP after graduating. I took it 3 weeks after graduation.
    5) Pass in 75 questions.

    My very basic plan worked. I have no idea how many SATA I had nor do I care. IT MEANS NOTHING. There are above the line SATAs and below the line SATAs. You can pass with 20 SATAs and you can pass with NO SATAs.

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    Patient: I'm pregnant and I think I'm miscarrying!
    RN: How far along are you? (as she collects urine sample)
    Patient: 3-4 weeks. I haven't been tested yet but I know my body.
    RN: When was your last period?
    Patient: the 7th.
    RN: So...a month ago? (reads results from UPT -- negative). You're not pregnant. You're having your period.
    Patient's male companion: I'm outta here, *****!

    Patient brought by EMS for severe lower abdominal cramping.
    Patient: I started cramping and it felt like contractions so I got worried.
    RN: Any chance you're pregnant?
    Patient: No, I haven't had sex for 10 years. I just need something for menstrual cramps.

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    Carolinas Healthcare System in the Charlotte area -- around $10/hr for the hospitals.

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    I'm at a level 1 trauma center ED. We're all ED RNs. Only those who are TNCC certified as Trauma Nurses can run traumas. Once trauma protocol is dc'ed, then any ED RN can take over care.

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    Quote from OnlyHim
    Both would be FT. 3 days on for both with every other weekend. I think the concern of the schedules overlapping is what I'm considering. One has a 12week orientation and the other is variable...
    Not only should you be concerned about scheduling conflicts, but I'd be more concerned about crashing and burning. Working 6 days a week including every weekend in 2 high intensity fields is taking on A LOT. I'm a new grad in a level 1 trauma ED and working 3 shifts a week wipes me out! I can't imagine working 6 shifts every week and still finding time to sleep, do laundry, run errands, spend time with friends and family.

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    I'm in the ED. Our ETOHers are marked as MTF -- metabolize to freedom. When a bunch of orders pop up at shift change: DSP = day shift problem.

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    I'm friends with a large number of coworkers -- supervisors, techs, RNs, and Drs. We also have a closed FB group for our department where we can post things like shift swap requests and department events (like bowling night, etc).

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    You graduate in 2 months? Our hiring process takes that long. By the time you started as a tech you'll be an RN.

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    Quote from SweetDream
    Is that in a particular area they have forgiveness? IF so, where?
    As long as we get hired full time into the hospital system that my school is affiliated with, the $10,000 loan is forgiven over 2 years. I'm in NC, attended Carolinas College of Health Sciences, and now work with Carolinas Healthcare System.

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    Quote from Xaldin4life RN
    Im amazed how people can pass at just 75 questions!! how could you do that unless you knew every single one of those content questions on nclex.
    I passed in 75 questions. I didn't do Kaplan or Hurst or LaCharity or any of the other study guides out there. I did 75-100 questions a day for a couple of weeks before the test. That's it. Maybe an hour a day, some days a couple of hours. Did I know every answer on NCLEX? Heck no! I had dozens of questions that covered topics I had never heard of before! How did I pass? I knew how to approach the questions. Even though the content of questions were things I didn't know, I DID know how to decipher what they were asking. It didn't matter whether or not I knew about that particular illness or procedure; it was irrelevant. Knowing HOW to answer is the key. Good luck!

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    I wore a walking boot for several weeks when I was a student as well as a CNA at a local children's hospital. No issues!