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  • Jun 24

    Log onto your state boards website and do a search. The Ky BN would not consider this abandonment as you fulfilled the following requirements.
    1. Communicating the need to do so with the nurse’s supervisor, and
    2. Exhausting all reasonable and prudent efforts to place the care of the patients in another nurse’s care.

    "While it is difficult to specifically state when abandonment occurs, it is clear that abandonment does not occur when a nurse who cannot practice with reasonable skill and safety leaves an assignment after fulfilling the two obligations stated above."

    Laws vary by state. Keep us updated

  • Jun 23

    I am always amused by those who say "I didn't bother to read the previous 6 pages of comments/answers, but here's what you should do."

  • Jun 23

    As for how to keep your child's trust. Be honest. Trust starts with honesty. You lose her trust if you report and blindside her with it. You gain trust by letting her know your intent and being open about why. She is old enough to understand that her friend might be being sexually abused and feels the same way your child does about it. She may be upset about it and for the short term may be upset about it. But over time, I bet she will be accepting of your choice when she realizes it could be helping another child.

    But also think about what you are teaching her by keeping it quiet. If you dont report this incident then your child learns that that is how these situations are handled. When she gets older, and God forbid she gets raped. She may not ever come out about it because she learned at a young age that her personal shame and trauma should be hidden. You need to consider her long term development over the short term angst and possible mistrust.

    No no matter what you choose, I'm very sorry this happened to your child. As a child sexual abuse victim myself, it is one of my worse fears for my own children and I understand the upset you are feeling right now.

  • Jun 23

    Quote from SunnyPupRN
    . . . As callous as that might seem, right now I just cannot bring myself to the mind set of getting the other girl the help she needs. I don't give a damn about her. But I do see the points you make that reporting the attempt upon my child could prevent or catch other perpetrators. Thank you.

    It must be very difficult to be in your position, and I understand that your first concern is for your child. Of course it is, you're a parent. Others have already addressed being a mandated reporter and all of that, so I won't. I just want to add in a different perspective and say that I wish someone had spoken up for me, instead of looking the other way. I never attacked another child, but maybe I wouldn't be quite so... "broken" still in my late 20s if someone had given a damn.

    That little girl might not have anyone to help her.

  • Jun 23

    I hate those care plans so much. So, we're supposed to create a care plan on the patient's goal, and this gets to be ridiculous in Psych.

    "So, Bob, what's your goal?"
    "To get the hell out of here, you dumbass!"

    "Mary, I'd like to ask you what your goal is."
    "I know you're in cahoots with the KGB. I'm not giving anything up."

    Here's a special one for Geropsych:

    "Ok, Joe. What's your goal?"
    "Have you seen Mother?"
    "Ok then, Junior. Can you tell me what your goals are for Joe?"
    "To get better."
    "Yes. Of course."
    "I want him back to the way he was before all this happened."
    "I see he has dementia..."
    "Yeah, I'd like him to get his memory back."

    So, now I put these patient/family goals into the care plan and we are supposed to chart under these. Thanks to Whoever-Started-This-Mess that decided to hyper-focus on using "the patient's own words" [insert unicorns and rainbows here], we are now charting under these bizarre "goals". Yes, I'm charting about suicidal ideation on the care plan for "Risk for Suicide" under the patient's stated goal of "To get the hell out of here."

    On my more ornery shifts, I almost hope for the most ludicrous response to this question. I think the best answer I ever got was "none of your business, sweetheart", which was given to me by the world's crankiest, crispiest old lady

    On some patients, yes, I can work with them and pull out a reasonable goal... most of them? Not really and I don't really try anymore.

    The only time I look at the care plan is when I have to set it up with a new admission or when I have to chart through the care plan. No, I do not update it. I do not care. It is a sham. The only people who care are the people who are paid to make things look good on paper for Joint Commission.

    This is how I really feel.

  • Jun 23

    My spidey senses tell me you are not a nurse.

    From my experience, nurses (including myself) despise epic care plans. I would say most don't bother with "what the patient wants", and don't put too much thought into them as far as what they put in the computer. They click on what would make sense for the patient in order to get this senseless charting task done and to move on to more important things. The next nurse probably clicks and copies 90% of what the nurse before them entered.

    Care plans are a Joint Commission (haven't been called jcaho in many years)requirement (so I've been told), and it's easier to do in Epic then in other systems I've used. But what is in the computer really has nothing to do with the real nursing care that is taking place. It's just another PIA charting task that takes time away from things that really matter.

  • Jun 23

    I'm confused ....are you a nurse? I've never made a care plan according to what a patient states. Do you have to actually write care plans for epic or are there existing templets? As for how much time I spend on them (care plans)- none if I can get away with it, and that's still too much. Hate those things with a passion.

  • Jun 23

    The baby isn't the only one who needs care. Momma does too.

    And all that stuff about how babies shouldn't be separated from their mothers during the first few days is overblown. We went over this in psych...mothers used to be told that if they didn't immediately hold their babies within minutes after birth, they could not properly bond throughout their lifetime. When babies had to go the NICU, often their mothers assumed that their relationships would be tainted forever...and proceed to act that way toward their children. Later research revealed that parent-child bonding has almost nothing to do with being able to hold your baby immediately, but rather more on being a dedicated parent throughout the lifetime of the baby. And you can be a dedicated parent, and still take breaks to take care of yourself. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • Jun 21

    My facility (Med/Surg in a medium sized facility) uses shared vials that you use to pull from in the med room. We keep 1-2 vials of each type of insulin that everyone on the floor pulls from. We draw up in the med room, have another nurse co-sign and then put them back in their respective tray. I've never seen it done any other way, and I'm curious what other facilities do.

  • Jun 21

    First, I would suggest calming down.

    Level of drama is inversely proportionate to level of intelligent assessment.

    Second, network with your instructors and school alumni association to see who's hiring.

    Third, have a professional take a look at your resume. Or post it on here, minus identifying details, and I'll look at it for you. You may be sabotaging yourself with your resume.

    Fourth, the entire first year of being a nurse puts a strain on a relationship. If he can't handle even the thought of moving, how's your fiancé going to handle the reality of 12 hour and possibly night shifts?

    Fifth, focus on passing the NCLEX. That's the next important step. I was lucky and had a few job offers before graduating, but that was only usual for the school I attended. Many grads don't get offers, or even interviews, until they pass the NCLEX.

    Good luck!

  • Jun 21

    "My fiancé is talking about leaving me "
    A life partner should be supporting you, not threatening you.

    You have many options available now, fight the right fight.

  • Jun 21

    WTH, the government gives scholarships because there is a desparate need, but then doesn't hire the recipients and penalizes them? I think I would be asking my elected representative how that is legal.

  • Jun 21

    You're bringing a lot of drama to a situation that doesn't warrant it.

  • Jun 21

    Who doesn't? Thanks for the helpful reply.

  • Jun 13

    I ask about POA status, etc if the pt is still in the facility and I can verify. If not, I say "unfortunately it is a violation of a federal privacy law for me to provide you with that information." I repeat as many times as needed. When they say they're going to call an administrator, I ask if they'd like me to transfer them