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  • 1:36 pm

    Quote from XNavyCorpsman
    This may sound a little harsh, but you are NOT nursing material. You took a controlled substance without a prescription. And to top this off, your mother gave it to you.
    Yes, it's harsh. And not necessarily true. For Heaven's sake, have you never messed up? There are no perfect people in this world.

    We don't know anything about this person except he or she was given bad advice, by her Mom no less. If that isn't ironic I don't know what would be. Unfortunately, or perhaps it's really for the best, she took the advice.

    She might or might not be admitted to the school. The school might miss this when they review her as a candidate. Stranger things have happened.

    President Clinton and I think Pres. W smoked dope and they are billionaires. Obama, too? Not sure. And everyone alive has somehow, at some time, fallen short of perfection. Give OP a break.

  • 1:26 pm

    Quote from XNavyCorpsman
    This may sound a little harsh, but you are NOT nursing material. You took a controlled substance without a prescription. And to top this off, your mother gave it to you.
    More than "a little." The OP made a mistake; let's not get carried away. Families share medication all the time, and most people don't realize that taking a controlled med prescribed for another family member, and shared voluntarily by that family member, is illegal. The OP's mom was trying to be helpful. I haven't heard anything yet that suggests to me that the OP is "NOT nursing material."

  • 5:50 am

    Quote from RN1989
    Any advice YOU feel like giving this poster has nothing to do with MY specific experiences. You are free to give any advice you wish, whether it contradicts someone else or not. I don't desire to get into specifics with you regarding my personal experiences. If you disagree with me - fine. But I'm not in the mood to give you any specifics just so you can tailor your comments to my comments and start down a different road on this thread because you don't agree. Some threads just are not worth getting into passionate discussions over.
    Wow. Are you always this helpful to those that ask for clarification of the advice you give, or are you in general just an *ss? I'm not sure what got you so riled up, but I can assure you that I was in good faith asking for clarification about your statement to the effect that personal effects may be used against you as a witness in court.
    As I mentioned, but maybe didn't make entirely clear, part of my job (I work for a law firm that helps defend malpractice suits) is to help prepare nurses for depositions and trial, hence my genuine concern that I wasn't aware of something important to pass on to those I am supposed to be helping.
    It was my hope that, based on your experiences, I might be able to help another nurse avoid going thru whatever this bad experience you allude to. I don't know where you thought I might disagree with you, after all, I don't know what happened or the significance of that experience, which is why I asked for clarification. As to taking this discussion down a "different road," I must admit I don't know what the heck you're talking about. Seems the only one willing to diverge from providing specific advice on how to handle a deposition subpoena, or go down that "different road" with unsubstantiated and unwarranted allegations of ulterior motives, is you. Since you list your location as the "nuthouse," you might want to up your medication dosage, your paranoia is showing.
    But maybe helping someone else by providing specifics is too much of a "passionate discussion" for you to become involved in. Oh well, after your little tirade, I suspect it wouldn't have been that useful any way.

  • Apr 17

    "Nurses in white dresses with yellow satin sashes
    These aren't a few of my favorite things..."

  • Apr 17

    ...doesn't sound great, but I don't think I would make an issue of it if it's under the charter's name. I work with some nurses who chart like they're drunk texting.

  • Apr 17

    Quote from westieluv
    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate your feedback.

    I did receive an email a couple of days ago from a dialysis facility of one of the Big Two dialysis companies that is literally two minutes from my house (I have a year and a half of recent dialysis experience with that same company) and it is a dream schedule: MWF 5:30-5:30 with no weekends. I would jump on this opportunity in a New York minute except that my work ethic tells me that since I committed to the rehab position, I have to try to stay and make it work. This dialysis company was not bad at all to work for, and I regret leaving. If I had it to do over again, I would not have given up my position with them, and now they are contacting me with this position that I could almost walk to!

    It's really hard to commit to the rehab facility after being lied to, that is the problem, plus I actually did tell the dialysis manager when I replied to her email that I had accepted a position at this facility and had already worked a few days. If I contact her today and ask if she is still interested in me for the dialysis position, will she not think that I am a flip flopper and disloyal? If not, I could be tempted into pursuing the dialysis job.
    Just saw this. I'd jump ship, but only after completing hiring process.

  • Apr 17

    It's not uncommon at all for NICU nurses to stay in contact with a former "primary". I've been doing a course related study on it. March of Dimes gave a presentation on social media at the last National Neonatal nurses conference. That was one of the topics. They even gave suggestions on having an employer sanctioned FB page where families and nurses could "legally" leave pictures and messages.

  • Apr 17

    I have never intentionally sought information about a patient or family once they've left my care. A few times I have received an update but it has always been at family/patient discretion - they been the one to initiate reaching out with the information. (e.g. a family member spoke with a chaplain and explicitly asked s/he convey an update to myself and other members of the care team who took care of the patient).

    Once a patient leaves my care I'm not a part of their life anymore and they aren't a part of mine. Do I think about patients and families from time to time and wonder how they are doing? - of course I do, but once they leave my care I have no medical or personal reason to know about their health information or general life. I have very strong personal boundaries and one of those is that once people aren't my patients or families anymore I let them go.

  • Mar 31

    Quote from loveschoolnursing
    I have 4th and 5th graders talking about having boyfriends and girlfriends. I thought that was absurd, until I realized their parents posted pics of the two love birds hanging out at each others houses on the weekend......NOW THAT IS CRAZY!!
    My 5th grade daughter says she has a "boyfriend". They hang out at school and in groups of friends and he comes over to our house and my daughter goes there. They don't hold hands or anything (they told my mom that they hugged but would NEVER kiss and looked pretty horrified at the idea). I told her "It's good to have friends and he is a very nice boy and a very nice friend. We don't need words like boyfriend or girlfriend in fifth grade."

    It probably helps that I'm 90% sure he is gay. I don't like to generalize or go by stereotypes, but I think in a few years she will have a great GBF. And it will be *fabulous* *(jazz hands)*

  • Mar 28

    And for the LOVE. OF. PETE.

    If you are going to let your students play out in the mud after a monsoon, YOU can clean it up. It does not take a nursing license.

    *Had to get that off muh chesht*

  • Mar 28

    Do I understand correctly that he is asking you to waste with him a narcotic drawn up (not in the original sealed vial)? If so I'd be very wary of putting my name on this as you have no way of verifying what you are wasting.

  • Mar 28

    Leave it for management to figure out. He will get caught eventually. Either refuse to consign his waste or take it from him and drop it in the sharps yourself.

    Ask him why he's drawing up for your patient. He'll soon leave you alone and become some other nurses problem.

    ypu don't want to make an unproven allegation

  • Mar 28

    Quote from Farawyn
    Great topic. Scary. Following.
    Also following. These kind of topics seem to draw a weird crowd, though...

  • Mar 28

    I think it's partly the "solve my problem for me" generation. A lot of people who fail seem to have a long list of reasons why it's unfair or not their fault. They also want strangers to tell them what do do instead of figuring things out for themselves
    ...or maybe I'm just bitter and old

  • Mar 13

    Quote from jrwest
    If I was able to quit and not need my salary, I sure would, as my job is making me sick too.But Im the main income, so I cant quit

    See how your interview goes, then put in notice.

    I know how it is when you can't stand working another minute at your job.

    Best wishes.
    So, I got the job, it will be PRN as I wanted AND I gave my notice at my current job. Although, I will also be staying on PRN. I will be working 2 days per week, alternating weeks between my current job and my new job. I thought it may be best to keep my foot in the door at my current employer, just in case and for learning/exposure. My current ED is a Trauma Level II, the new ED is not a trauma center.

    Thank you and to all the others who wished me well. I just thought you all would like some closure.

    Best wishes!