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  • Jan 31 '13

    Quote from cherrybreeze
    I also recently had a pt from California who is prescribed med marijuana for sleep. In his 40's. Really? There are no other safer alternatives for SLEEP meds?
    Really? Never heard of anyone smoking themself to death to go to sleep..but I think I remember some sleep meds that do kill. Sorry, I'm all for the one without the death consequence

  • Jan 31 '13

    I'm not entirely sure WHY whenever marijuana is mentioned, a certain segment of the population cries "patient safety." News flash: alcohol is legal and we're not all coming to work impaired. Stop using "patient safety" as a way to object to something that YOU don't like.

  • Jun 30 '11

    Reword that "Nurses are pretty amazing! Nursing is all about caring and dealing with challenging situations. Buying a burger is a big deal. It can be stressful. We want a clerk who is trained to weigh up all the options. Super-size or extra cheese? We CARE about your burgers!

    Never read such a total bunch of asshattery in all my life!

    Would you like fries with your blood transfusion?