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    Quote from OphNurse
    As I stated in my original post, I have checked with the BON and was told there are no reasons why I would not be able to take my boards or practice as an NP
    Again, you may pass your boards but be turned down for DEA. Not having a DEA # will prevent you from writing controlled prescriptions. At the very least, you may spend a lot of time and money only to have great difficulty finding a job. Good luck

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    When I was a floor nurse, I even trained the kids not to answer certain numbers. If I'm not at work don't call me in.

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    You should check with you BON but I'm thinking it may be an issue. Also, you could be refused prescriptive authority and DEA privileges. Time to do your research.

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    If you are already gone then include that info in the good old patient satisfaction survey. Tell them that you are concerned for the safety of other patients as you work in healthcare and know what should have occurred.

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    Quote from chare
    While non-standard usage, both conversate and irregardless are real, and becoming more accepted. Having said that, I have to say that I completely agree with you as to all three.

    And while we're on the subject, whatever happened to the comma, particularly the Oxford comma.
    Ain't is also in the dictionary but not proper English. If people choose to accept it then good for them. I will continue to pass.

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    Please stop "orientated" one is oriented and is on orientation while orienting. One does not orientate

    We also do not "conversate". People converse with each other and have conversations.

    Irregardless is is also incorrect. The word is regardless. Irregardless literally is saying without regard without

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    Quote from Shwtpe
    Thank you. How long did it take to get your license? I've heard it takes up to three weeks for AANP to send the test results over to the state board.
    Part of it depends on your state BON. My state's website indicates that it will take 30-45 days. It took every bit of 45 days then another month for prescriptive authority as that was a separate application. DEA's website shows 6-8 weeks. I received my DEA in 4.

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    Quote from Davey Do
    I find it interesting that Avid reader has not posted in a couple of days, though she has been lurking around at least a couple of times.

    I note this only because I find people's behavior, and in this case, Avid reader's, to be extremely interesting. One moment she's "all up in your face" and the next minute she's scurrying around like a little rat.

    What gives?

    Simply put a troll stirring the pot. Probably planning the next post to create a ruckus

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    You have received honest answers. I guess the question becomes do you want to be right or happy? Somewhere in these pages I think I read that you are now a new grad RN. So my advice to you is since you know better then do better. What I am saying is that you clearly feel that you were mistreated in clinical and lacked the appropriate opportunities. So what you need to do when the time comes is to offer all that you found lacking once you have students. Use this experience to pay it forward in a manner that you feel would benefit students.

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    I'm a bit of an overachiever by nature. I earned the ADN but immediately went for the BSN. I earned a med/surg certification. Did not enjoy floor nursing. Decided to go to graduate school but specifically wanted a BSN to DNP because if I was going back then might as well earn a terminal degree. Completed that May 2016. Decided to take both the ANCC and the AANP certifications for FNP as a personal challenge. Interviewers were actually impressed by that. Now working towards certification in Palliative Care. With all of that said, I sign DNP, FNP-BC and that is it. I do all of these things for myself and no one else. I do not walk around insisting on being called Dr. Palliative Care all day. The title is not important to me at work so much as the job. I have Dr. Palliative Care on my checks as a nod to my education but truthfully at the end of the day I know what I have achieved and that is enough.

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    I have some friends that work for insurance companies. How about occupational health, tele health, school nurse, or home health?

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    Humor has a time and place as does trolling apparently. I just don't happen to see the behavior you describe as humorous. Pretending that you can not understand or hear a provider is simply obnoxious and not conducive to caring for a patient. Calling someone over to have a word then saying "quick" is a waste of my time. I have children but I don't work with them. Maybe you haven't been called out yet but if you are truly this obnoxious at work it will happen. The hospital setting is not the place to act like a 12 yr old. I would be the provider to call you out especially in my field.

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    Quote from WoundcarePhilRN
    When did we ever depart from the Haves & have nots?
    That is true but in my experience it was less pronounced under ACA. In my clinical rotations through primary care the last few years we definitely had many more patients that had not been seen in years. They were able to be seen directly as a result of the ACA. As difficult as it is to imagine there were many grateful patients. Enrollment was up when mentioned on the news recently. Yes, the ACA does need work but there are people that were genuinely assisted. Two of the offices I was at had a dedicated ACA representative onsite to assist people.

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    We will return to the Haves & the Have Nots. A lot of people that voted for Trump especially coal miners will be screwed. Black lung was covered by ACA and now they will no longer have that nor will their jobs return. Double whammy! That is only one example. ERs will see an influx of uninsured using them for everything again. It's going to a very sad state of affairs.

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    Another tall & skinny here but don't like tight or form fitting. Every facility I have worked at though had color coded uniforms. Only so much originality with all Royal Blue etc.