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    I attended Loyola University New Orleans. It is online but you do have to go to campus some. They give you the dates. Every semester a faculty member literally evaluates you on the clinical site. I was a difficult program but achievable. Not without issues but then every school has some.

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    Just a typical day for me. I hear this multiple times a day. It doesn't necessarily mean the family is in denial. It does mean they aren't ready for the discussion. Forcing the discussion only makes them stop listening. Meet them where they are. Listen. Be empathetic. Families will start asking questions when there is a change or when they are ready. As mentioned above, most folks think we are the Reaper. Palliative does not mean no Care nor Hospice. We also manage chronic illnesses such as MS, ALS, & Sickle Cell etc.

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    What drove me to become an NP? Simple FLOOR NURSING sucks and wasn't going to do that until retirement.

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    I earn $150 each day I am on call if I do not have o go into the hospital. If I have to go in it becomes $150, +mileage, and I clock in when I get there to earn my usual hourly rate until I am done.

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    Definitely need to go into a specialty as an FNP to make money. My specialty isn't for everyone but I enjoy it. I feel like I'm filling a much needed role and assisting both patients and families. I do take call but its only every 5th week. I have work/life balance and leave the office by 5 p.m. at the latest daily.

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    Quote from Aromatic
    I do not forsee NP salaries going up in the future. More supply and lower quality graduates due to many sloppy schools, and people are catching on that many NPs are not ready for practice when they graduate, or really ever. There are some good ones though so not group bashing here.

    ^^^This! I was less than thrilled to discover my new partner in palliative care earned her degree through a for profit, completely online, and no supervision aka Degrees For Everyone U

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    I completed a BSN to DNP because I wanted a terminal degree. That said, I believe the curriculums need an overhaul. If I was choosing a program today, it would be either med school or PA. I prefer the clinical education and the not locating your own preceptor model. In my opinion, there is nothing professional about begging for a preceptor. There are online for profit programs that put the integrity of the profession in question. I don't ever want to waste another minute of my life on APA format nor nursing theory.

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    I completed a BSN to DNP because a terminal degree was my goal. If I had gone the MSN route I never would have gone back. I took many classes that will never help me in the work environment. I spent countless hours and dollars for an editor on a Capstone I will never use. It was the longest 4 years of my life. Honestly, if I was looking at programs today then I would not choose the NP route. In my opinion the educational curriculums need an overhaul. I would choose PA or Med school. No PAs don't have independent practice but they graduate with many skills that were barely brushed over at least in my program. I don't ever want to write another APA formatted paper again.

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    I work for a hospital conglomerate. I oriented in 3 facilities with physicians that completed residencies in Palliative Care for 2 weeks each. So a total of 6 weeks of working directly with a physician. I see 14 patients a day typically but with this specialty each can be quite time consuming as we are also dealing with families and end of life. I utilize references and ask questions when I don't know the answer. I also take notes of new things daily and look up/study when home.

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    Quote from OphNurse
    As I stated in my original post, I have checked with the BON and was told there are no reasons why I would not be able to take my boards or practice as an NP
    Again, you may pass your boards but be turned down for DEA. Not having a DEA # will prevent you from writing controlled prescriptions. At the very least, you may spend a lot of time and money only to have great difficulty finding a job. Good luck

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    When I was a floor nurse, I even trained the kids not to answer certain numbers. If I'm not at work don't call me in.

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    You should check with you BON but I'm thinking it may be an issue. Also, you could be refused prescriptive authority and DEA privileges. Time to do your research.

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    If you are already gone then include that info in the good old patient satisfaction survey. Tell them that you are concerned for the safety of other patients as you work in healthcare and know what should have occurred.

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    Quote from chare
    While non-standard usage, both conversate and irregardless are real, and becoming more accepted. Having said that, I have to say that I completely agree with you as to all three.

    And while we're on the subject, whatever happened to the comma, particularly the Oxford comma.
    Ain't is also in the dictionary but not proper English. If people choose to accept it then good for them. I will continue to pass.

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    Please stop "orientated" one is oriented and is on orientation while orienting. One does not orientate

    We also do not "conversate". People converse with each other and have conversations.

    Irregardless is is also incorrect. The word is regardless. Irregardless literally is saying without regard without