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    I recently got an interview with behavioral questions involved. I happened to have a glance at the paper the interviewer took notes on and there were twos and threes on one column. Is there a rating system? Moreover, is it a rating system out of 3? Thanks!

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    I saw this company on, and I don't really want to go through the hassle of creating a profile, etc., if they are only trying to get my information. Thanks!

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    Thanks, Angie, I just found out about the Pearson trick. I couldn't register again.

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    I had 75 questions for my test as well. To save time, I will condense the story.

    A. One of our nursing instructors told us to look up our names in the state board website (PA) to get quick and free results. If we had a license issued to our names in the website, we passed. My name has not shown up; a fellow nursing student's name has. Has anyone else heard of this trick?

    B. I had cargo shorts on for the test. This may not seem important, but I, and the proctor guy, found the directions to the testing site that were in one of my pockets during the test. The testing center said it shouldn't be a big deal, but took copies of the paper and said they would report it.

    I feel like I must have failed if my name hasn't shown up on the state board registry (it has been a week since I took the test and my fellow student found his name in two days). Is it possible that I passed and my case is under review or something? Would I ever find out about it? I did well in nursing school; I would like to think I wouldn't fail that quickly. Thanks all!