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  • Dec 14 '12

    Sorry, I would not wear it. I am also 50 years old. This is exactly why I did not go into nursing for my first degree. I am no handmaiden and I refuse to look like one. At my age, sorry I get to decide. I have also been to college prior and was in a sorority. Those days are long gone! If I had to wear it I probably would not even attend the ceremony. That is how strongly I feel about it. Flame away!

  • Dec 14 '12

    The cap is definitely sexist and discriminatory. Get a lawyer.

    For those who say she should wear what the majority voted for, you must have missed the part where the MALES do not have to wear caps. Only the females must suffer this dilemma.

    And I am really aggravated with those who say it's a little thing, let it go, don't ruffle any feathers. I guess I'd advise her not to be too verbal too soon, that is, before she successfully graduates. But I would not advise her to just roll over. If she feels strongly enough about being discriminated against, get a lawyer and go for the jugular.

  • Dec 14 '12

    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    We happen to live in a democracy, if a vote was held and a majority of the class wishes to wear a cap at graduation in theory that is that. It is not being "forced" by the school but they are following the will of the larger body of graduating students who expressed their views.
    I'm reminded of the old maternal saying, "If your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?"

    What if the majority voted that everyone should wear bikinis? Or go naked? Just because the majority voted for something doesn't mean it's a good/necessary thing to do, or that it is appropriate for everyone.

    If there is a Muslim woman in the class, would she be allowed to wear a traditional headcovering? Would she be required to wear a nursing cap over the top, or exempted from the rule?

    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Since nurse's caps fall under female attire much would depend upon the facilities dress code policy regarding transvestitism. If you wear just the cap administration may ask you to take it off, then again if you plan on wearing *starched whites* including skirts and hose then things may get a bit tricky.
    Actually, if they wear just the cap, they might be a bit chilly....

  • Dec 14 '12

    Quote from GrnTea
    Of course not.

    But this is not sex discrimination. You are not being denied any of the facilities or opportunities of your educational program based on your gender. A photograph doesn't meet that standard. Care to play again?

    Well then by that argument she can show up for the photograph in a cap, and a jockstrap worn on the outside.

    Mandating all females wear a cap or they will be excluded, is sex discrimination.

    Care to play again?

  • Dec 14 '12

    Quote from Aurora77
    How are you being discriminated against? You were admitted to the program and are now about to graduate. The class voted and the majority apparently doesn't agree with you--that's not discrimination, that's democracy.
    Sadly, as most americans who study history know, one can have a democracy which supports discrimination.
    The two things, democracy, and discrimination,
    can easily go hand in hand. Happened right here in the USA for centuries. Not sure why someone thinks democracy prevents discrimination, but, it doesn't.
    at all.

    We also have to trust, that whoever counted up the votes, is actually telling the truth, too. which is a whole other matter.

    Yes, yes, whether you love nursing caps.
    whether you loathe nursing caps,
    it IS discrimination to tell a female graduate with no penis, that SHE can't participate in her ceremony, unless she wears a certain hat
    but, the men don't have to.

    It's that simple. If the people with penises also have to wear the hat, fine! THEN it is NOT discriminatory, then it's just part of the deal, for eveyrone. But only choosing ONE gender, and forcing them to wear hats, is undeniable discrimination.

    I think those who are dismissing the OP's urge to participate in her own ceremony, as no big deal,
    may have forgotten how important that moment is for many graduates. Being denied the chance to have that moment,
    that every nurse here remembers very well
    as no big deal
    might not be fair way to look at this.

    I think someone earlier, who said, it should be up to each individual student, to choose, wear the lil maid hat, or not, is great idea. some will choose to, some won't.

    I don't think not wearing a hat is, in any way, not respecting those who went before us. what? There are TONS of things we no longer wear, or do, that the pioneers of our field did. Doesn't mean we disrespect history by moving forward, at all. In olden days, a nurse couldn't date while in school, but, i don't think going back to that equates to "respect" for our history, any more than i think forcing someone to wear a hat if they have no penis is fair, either.

    FREEDOM! Freedom for those who want to wear caps, and freedom for those who don't! YAY! THAT is best solution. Let the dudes wear hats, if they want to, too.

    Denying a graduate the chance to have her moment, as she is recognized for her accomplishments,
    is not fair.

  • Dec 14 '12

    To the OP, i hear you. If you want to go, and don't want to wear a cap, what happens? You won't be allowed in, or what happens? If you have the option, to go, and celebrate this great moment, but don't want to wear a cap, do that.

    I also see the cap as an outdated, and yes, most definitely it's a sexist bit of clothing, indicating subservience/maid/nun kinda thing, that female nurses are somehow different from their male colleagues?
    I had to wear one 35 years ago, but, everyone did back then. We had to wear them to work, too! can you imagine?
    shiver! What a pain to keep something you wear daily on your head, and then, take on and off, brilliant white. What a pain to keep them centered on your head. HOw messy it looked for many types of hair, having the strays all outlined against the bright white cap.
    and don't get me started on how often putting our stethys on and off our neck, always banged that cap, making it sit sideways on your head, like some kind of clown,
    every time we put our stethys on or off. Most of the time, you didn't even realize your hat was askew like a clown would wear it, til you passed some mirror.

    pia bit of headwear, from someone who used to wear a cap. YAY they are gone!! and yes, IT IS SEXIST, and discriminitory, to force some graduates to wear a hat, but the graduates with penises don't have to wear the hat. Makes no logical sense at all.

    now, we've come a "small" way, ha ha, and nurses today, don't have to wear that ridiculous cap anymore. I say, go to your ceremony, and skip the hat. Whyever not? If they give you grief, announce you are secretly a male. bah haha! Tell them your scalp is sore that day, that you've had an adverse reaction to some shampoo or hair color or something, due to the soreness of your scalp, you can't tolerate any hairpins squeezing the cap to your head that day, sorry. Whatever.

    Sure they voted, but, you don't have to wear something ridiculous from an era gone by, just cuz your classmates think discriminating is great idea.

    good luck, and congrats!!

  • Mar 26 '12

    I would not take this advisor too seriously. If all of us were successfully discouraged by school advisors, many would never have reached their career goals. Do what you want to do. Good luck.

  • Mar 11 '12

    Quote from Wot chick
    How do I overcome this, because I have to take trig and IB biology in my 11th grade year. I keep thinking "what if I fail?" I like what OT's do because I'm providing someone with a future, but I keep wondering, and thinking that I'll probably fail, because I'm horrible at science.
    I graduated high school last May, and I hated science almost all the way through. I went to a college prep school with people who were able to get an A in multi-variable calculus and linear the 10th grade.

    Needless to say, I never tried in my science classes because I convinced myself that I would never be good as good at it as my classmates and that I hated it. I had C's in every science class I ever took up until junior year, and was scared to death because I was being pressured to go to medical school.

    Then I promised myself I wouldn't goof off anymore and took molecular biology in my junior year. I got an A in that, and an A in anatomy later on when I took it my senior year. Now I'm a sophomore in college and got an A+.... in general chem! All it took was a change in attitude and more effective study habits. It was so worth it.

    Don't doubt yourself. You never know how you'll do in a subject until you give it everything you've got.

    PS-- I'm glad you will be volunteering. I did it when I was your age and it was awesome. I got to shadow nurses, physical therapy, OT, radiology-- you name it! That volunteer work helped me land an internship with a midwife and an obgyn. Then and there, I decided the nursing path was more for me.

  • Dec 5 '11

    Hey there!

    I am just as you are. I struggle insanely with studying for A&P, for my instructor sits in a chair the entire time reading from a PowerPoint word-for-word (and doesn't even include photos!)

    What I've done to pass Anatomy is I spent too much money in supplemental learning products. If you're able to spend a little for the class, I'd definitely recommend Kaplan's Anatomy Coloring Book as well as their Flash Cards. They've helped me tremendously! You can find them on Amazon for a good amount less than Books-A-Million or any other local bookstore, unless they're having a sale.

    As far as knowing how I can handle nursing, I'm still not sure I'm cut out for it, honestly. It's normal to have those doubts. My heart is in this 100% though and am willing to do all I can to succeed. I am very determined, caring, patient, and have always worked great under pressure or at a fast-pace. I have a love for healing people or at least doing all I can to make them comfortable in their last moments. I cannot see myself in any other career. That's why I know this is what I'm cut out for. Anything I lack, I can create.

    Best of luck to you!

  • Nov 24 '11

    The question was not out of line. I wondered the same thing when I began my trek.

    Over the years, there have been times when nursing students were offered very attractive deals. I remember the same being true for students studying to be elementary school teachers not so long ago.

    The amount of negativity mixed into this thread is really telling of the economic times we are in. I feel bad, and hope your future experiences on this board and in your journey are more positive.

  • Nov 17 '11

    Please don't get discouraged!!!! I am a married mom of 5 (yes 5!) kiddos. And while I don't work, I do go to school full time. I have been doing pre-reqs for my BSN since 2009 and I still have one more year to go. I thought about it this way: 4 years is going to pass anyways, regardless of if you're going to school or not. In 4 years, you could be done with your pre-reqs, or you could still be doing what you're doing now.

    10 years ago I went to my local college and the advisor printed out this long list of pre-reqs and she was very negative about it. I walked out of that school and decided nursing school was just not within my reach. I am SO MAD at myself for being discouraged and not jumping in. Imagine - that was 10 years ago! I could have been a nurse by now even if I only did one class at a time! Ugh! So when the opportunity presented itself again - you better believe I was not going to walk away from it. And the last 2 years have FLOWN by. Seriously.

    Good luck!!

  • Jul 31 '11

    Quote from sharpeimom
    what kind of notebook to buy sounds more like a fourth grader's question rather than a college student's question. that type of question tells your faculty a lot more about the question asker than i think the asker intended. the type of notebook you use is the kind you want to use unless a certain type is specified for some reason -- i.e. handing in a project or your patient notes, careplans etc.

    shar pei mom
    i'm sorry, but i disagree. even if the instructor had been asked to clarify a couple of times, it takes but a second. moreover, as a student entering a rn program, i would definitely want to be prepared as best as i can. you're already going to be anxious/nervous as is, so what's wrong with wanting to be prepared as best as you can be?

    i just finished microbiology. yes, i asked my instructor numerous questions on lab procedures. was it because i wasn't paying attention? no. was it because it because the procedure/protocol was a bit unclear? maybe. was it because i prefer to be thorough, prepared, and i want to do something well and not mediocre? yes.

    sometimes, i think people should do some introspection and realize that those 4th grade rudimentary, interpersonal skills are pretty valuable. granted this is about notebooks, and not in a clinical setting...still, on principle, i think it's a good thing the student asked the instructor to recapitulate. there is nothing "4th grade" about asking a question regarding logistics, especially if you're a new student about to enter a profession where a logistical question may save a life.