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    I am new to infection control nursing. When I asked about my job description they handed me their infection control policy book along with a prior list of infections from previous months and said if you have any questions just ask. I took this position bc I am always trying to learn new things but I was also hoping I could get some guidance along the way which I have yet to get. From what I understand from reading other posts on this site it is quite difficult to get your foot in the door in this specialty and I am now considering myself quite lucky that this opportunity presented itself to me and I would like to make the most of it. I have been scouring the internet for information but I honestly I do not even know where to start. Does anyone have any advice? Anything would be helpful at this point! Thank you in advance!!

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    Honestly I think hospice is a wonderful thing. If a patient is terminal you are NEVER going to cure them so why not make them as comfortable as possible?? Nurses in LTC facilities sometimes care for 30+ patients which makes it darn near impossible to spend any "quality" time with patients. Hospice nurses have 1 on 1 time with patients who really need is that a bad thing!? They are giving those patients what the LTC nurse cannot(not bc they are bad nurses but bc they are VERY busy nurses!) There are so many family members that just cannot let go of their loved ones and continue to put them through suffering bc they are too selfish to realize the reality of things. Honestly sometimes I get so disgusted and just think to myself "If I were their mother/father I would haunt them for doing this to me". And as far as sedation goes I still do not understand how family members still sometimes opt against the medication. How is angry/aggitated and in pain better than resting comfortably? After witnessing the pain and suffering some of my residents go through bc of their selfish families I will be sure to make my wishes VERY clear! I am with stargazer...if I am terminal, in pain and anxious...Bring on the Benzos!

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    I agree with using a shorter needle with very thin patients if they are available to you. I also believe that depo shots are given in the dorsogluteal area. There are some major nerves that run through your buttocks including the sciatic nerve. To avoid hitting a nerve in this area visually divide the gluteal area (one butt cheek) into 4 equal quadrants. Be sure to only give the injection in the upper outer quadrant to avoid any nerves. But I agree with the above posts in saying that if you hit a nerve they would be flying out of their skin!!

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    When I was a nursing student I also the same problem with one of the patients I was caring for and it did not help that his skin was thick like leather!! You will eventually get the feel for it depending on thickness of skin etc. What I have found that helps, especially with geriatric patients, is massaging the finger you are using as this usually helps increase blood flow to that finger. Also squeezing the finger and tightening the skin of the finger you are using will usually make it easier for the lancet to penetrate the skin and will also decrease the force you will need when using the lancet. It will be like second nature to you before you know it! Keep your head up and try to remember that EVERY nurse has been in your position(maybe not with the same issue)...even your instructors!