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    Thought I would start a thread for SMU FNP online Summer 2018. Any other student's out there?

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    Anyone admitted to Samuel Merritt Summer 2018 MSN-FNP online? I was accepted and am nervous to start in May.

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    I did the class last month (April) and have no "paid" RN experience - I preceptored in Oncology. I did it to show commitment to the field. Also, join the oncology of nursing society. A lot of good information. I spoke with someone with a lot of experience in the oncology field and she stated taking the course and being a member does show initiative and some hiring managers put you above others. You have to pay out of pocket, but for me, it was worth it.

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    I knew going into nursing school I wanted to work as an oncology RN. Completing my preceptorship in Oncology solidified that oncology is the specialty for me. However, after graduating (Dec 2013) I cannot find a job accepting new grads. The hospital I precepted at is only hiring experienced nurses.

    I am a member of ONS and will complete the Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate at the beginning of April. Does anyone have advice on how to get my foot in the door as a new grad?

    I appreciate any advice.


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    Congrats to all those accepted. For the ones on the waiting list, they accepted up to #12 (give or take). I am graduating this Dec (WHOOHOOO) and will be there on Nov 1st for orientation. Look forward to meeting the next class of ABSN students!

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    Quote from Drea727
    Am I the only one who hasn't heard anything yet from the absn program? does anybody know if they notified all wait list people yesterday or do they still have to email people today?
    If you have not heard, send the counselor an email. Also check your junk mail. She is really good at making sure all the applicants get an email.

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    Send an email to the counselor. She will let you know.

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    Yes, the admissions counselor is -------------- and she is great! Just remember right now is a REALLY busy time for her. She not only does ABSN but ELMSN and deals with current students/activities. Believe me, I know it's hard to wait for an email but do give it some time. Just send her an email or leave a VM and she will return your call as soon as she can.

    Good luck new applicants! Get ready for the most stressful and exciting adventure. If you are placed on the wait list, don't get discouraged...they admitted students up to #12 this year.

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    Hi everyone,
    I am currently in the ABSN program (Sacramento campus) and wanted to say good luck to everyone. It is a nerve wrecking process, the wait is killer. They generally start notifying in September. As in previous threads, people start comparing their stats and I just wanted to say, don't get discouraged if your stats are not as high as other applicants. SMU looks at the application as a whole, not just grades and TEAS scores.

    Good luck everyone! It's an exciting, fast-paced, stressful program but worth it. Just be prepared to work for it. However, it's not as hard as other threads have made it sound. I think this also depends on the instructors so as they tell us all the time, be flexible and breath.

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    Wow, thank you trexc42! Your document was extremely helpful! Congrats on recently graduating.

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    This is how it worked for Sacramento. After paying my deposit they sent an orientation packet, but it did not contain financial aid information. However, I was only accepted last Monday, so someone who was accepted earlier may have more insight. From my understanding, at orientation the financial aid people will be there to answer questions. Also, because I am eager to get started and loans are necessary for me, I checked the SMURF and it shows information about your financial aid. Hope this helps...a little

    I was looking at the Wells Fargo and Citi bank health professions loans. Not sure who I am going with yet.

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    Not if you have other coverage. They just want you to have coverage, either through them or on your own. If you have your own
    you have to provide proof (insurance card, etc.)

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    Sacramento Campus Facebook page

    Samuel Merritt University - ABSN - Sacramento - Spring 2013

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    Just received the call...I AM IN!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOO

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    Anyone get accepted into San Mateo and Sacramento and will be dropping from the Sacramento campus?

    This is a selfish question...just wondering if I may be moving up on the list. This wait list is killer..espcially since I am so close...