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  • May 29 '17

    I guess being both right handed and left handed is on the weird side. I do write with my left hand but most other things are done left handed. Blood draws seem to be much easier for me left handed. Though being a student nurse, sometimes I'm asked by preceptors if I'm left handed.

    Here's funny though... when my daughter was young, my husband and I could not figure out why she could not tie her shoes despite us both working with her. Then the hubby noticed me tying my sneakers and asked if that was how I was showing our daughter. Well, duh.... How else would I show her? Evidently, I tie shoes left handed & was showing her my way and he was showing her right handed. Totally confused the poor girl! I let him take over the shoe tying instruction and took over when our son (a leftie) learned to tie his shoes.

  • May 8 '17

    At the colleges that I looked at, the actual nursing part of the program was a set program. Meaning that there was no choice as to which classes were taken when. BUT, the pre-req's can be completed as quickly as you are able to. So if you are highly motivated AND can still maintain a good GPA.... you could finish a BSN in 3 years from start to finish. Please be aware that most nursing programs are highly competitive so be honest with yourself if it becomes too much. I did 78 credits in 2 years... with a 3.9 GPA, so it is very doable. Considering I am an older student, I took 2 remedial Algebra classes and needed foreign language in addition to the regular pre-req's. Had I not needed those other classes, I would have easily finished the pre-req's in 1 year. Taking more than full time does prepare you for nursing school. At my university, we take 17 credits the first semester. It is alot for the students that have never taken above 12.

    Good luck!!