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  • Mar 13

    Wow, some hateful answers for a guy smoking grass. It's not like he is snorting cocaine or shooting oxycodone (worked with both).

    Marijuana is illegal and legal, depending on your state. Act accordingly to the law.

    I grew up in Canada with everyone from my babysitter to my grandma rolling a joint. Not a big deal to me. But to those that say marijuana is an 'introductory' drug that leads to heroin, come on. What are you smoking? Actually, tobacco and alcohol is almost always tried first, but they aren't considered drugs by the average person, are they?

    To the OP, you will be drug tested possibly before and during your time in the program. A positive result on any drug is usually grounds for dismissal from said program.

    And kudos for trying a natural herb over running to an MD for a benzo. See if you don't get addicted to that crap....