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  • May 12

    The best part about the ED is the autonomy, camaraderie, fast-paced critical situations, the crazy stories and the downtime at night.

    The worst is having to deal with patients.

  • Jan 17

    Yeah, I feel your pain. Can't tell you how many times I have ran out a room during a code and a patient is standing outside their door "I need my antibiotics, my cold won't get better on it's own."

    Or the 4 year old that had to be flown out due to ingesting ~40 clonidine tablets, with the seeker having a fit because "the doctor only gave me nubain."

    But when I save lives, that is what keeps me in the ED. I have a great poker face, and I can ignore and tune out those patients, you know the type I am talking about. I take your complaint seriously. But I also know how people present in severe pain, don't tell me you have 10/10 pain in your head whilst you watch TV and are on your laptop.

    Like a post said above, 95% is BS, but that 5% makes it all worth while. When I work a successful code, it makes my day. When I shove that NG tube down the overdose's nose and put charcoal down, that also makes my day. And giving that patient the AMA form, that really makes my day