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Joined May 12, '11. ServantLeader is a Retired Hospital Servant Leader Adminstrator. He has '25' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Administrator inspired by nurses'. Posts: 24 (63% Liked) Likes: 153

Confessions of a Hospital Administrator - Change Your Unit Culture PRN

by ServantLeader - In February, I covered the Health Infomation & Management Systems Society annual meeting for a trade publication. One of the sessions I attended was presented by Air Force Colonel Joe Pocreva, MD,...

Confessions of a Hospital Administrator: I Feel Your Pain...Pill

by ServantLeader - As a hospital CEO, I listed my home phone number in the admission kit for each of the three hospitals where I served. I invited patients to call me at anytime if they had a concern or problem they...

Confessions of A Hospital Administrator – My Job Got Easier When Nurses Got Happier

by ServantLeader - I was reading through the ongoing Winter 2016 Nursing Article Contest at allnurses. I came across one entry, an unpublished letter titled “Dear Hospital Administrators”.* A sentences that...

Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

by ServantLeader - Gallup announced the results of its annual "Honesty & Ethics in Profession" recently. I was so pleased to see nurses ranked number one in the survey because they certainly deserve the honor. With...