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  • Mar 1 '16

    My personal solution is working night shift. There's fewer people around to criticize you about food/drinks at the desks on night shift.

  • Oct 29 '15

    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    I have no intention of accepting the bonus before I read the contract. What I want to know is, does it look bad to your potential employer if you do not accept the bonus?

    I like to look at it either way...a sign-on bonus could mean awful working conditions or as you stated, a difficult to fill position. It could also be that the organization is trying to gain a competitive edge on others in the area. We'll see.
    Good question. I'd find out. By not accepting the bonus, would you still have to abide by all the conditions that the employer would expect of you if you DID take the bonus? Such as a length of stay commitment or floating assignments, whatever.

    A competitive edge is needed when there is a shortage of qualified workers. Is that the case in your area? Are there enough experienced RNs not just new grads?

    Perhaps I should have asked this first. What about not accepting a bonus would make you look bad? I don't follow what your fear is.

  • Oct 19 '15

    Thanks superV, walomom & TheCommuter! I really appreciate the info! I'll have to look into titers and find out where I can get that done (& how much it'll cost)!

    To walomom, I moved so much I don't even know who my pediatricians were or what state they were in. I thought of that too, but I guess THAT would be too easy...LOL!

    At least I know I have enough time to get this done now instead of pushing it off later. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help

  • Sep 23 '15

    Quote from pixiestudent2
    26 is not old.
    Pfft, once they trust you with a rental car the next step is your AARP card and discounts at Denny's.

  • Sep 11 '15

    Quote from GrnTea
    Bring snacks for the whole staff (don't forget night shift!) on your last day.
    If any of my future preceptees are out there, feel free to bring snacks as often as you like.

  • Sep 11 '15

    Quote from Anesthesia2G
    After Reading all these comments I am bewildered, so hard to pick a place to start, what I am reading the most is that the nurses are not being compensated for teaching students. Soooo people don't become nurses for the awesome salary I mean for real if a nurse wanted a high paying healthcare job they should've went to med school, so why all this emphasis on monetary compensation, When the main reason people become nurses is because they care about what they do.
    While nursing, to me, is a calling, that isn't the primary reason that I went for it and went to nursing school. I chose to become a nurse because it was a reliable job that entails me to go wherever I want in the US and paid better than my previous jobs. Combined.

    And if I wanted to go to medical school, I would have gone to medical school. But that would have meant becoming a doctor, not a nurse.

    I have read a few posts that say nursing students can't help the floor nurses and that they get in the way, im not sure about other students but when I'm assigned to a patient(s) (usually 2-3) I pass all their med during the time that I am there and if they need any procedures done that I've been checked off on (i.e inserting foley, I.V's, trach suctioning, etc.) that is a lot of help imo on top of charting their shift assessments, doing pt. education.
    If I have a student and they tell me that they'll be doing X, Y, and Z for me so don't worry, then no, I don't worry. I have a firm discussion with their CI and then the student has to give me one very good reason why I should allow them to continue to stay, and "I have to have these hours!" doesn't cut it.

    Sorry, a student can survive missing a chance to see how the ED works, I can't survive losing my job and/or license because I let a student, who is there for less than one shift, do all my work for me and make errors. All I know is the reputation of the school that they come from, and what the average student from there is like. The one exception to that rule are students that I am precepting for several weeks, because then I get to know them and not just their school.

    Does this make me sound like a bad person? Honestly, I don't care. I am not there to provide an ideal learning experience to students, I'm there for the patients. Do I want the student to make the most of their day, and will I work to enable that? Naturally!

    One other thing that students need to think about is that if we look upset, it may not be them. Nurses are only human, they're allowed to have bad days.

  • Jun 16 '15



  • Apr 21 '15

    We do focused assessments in the ed based on the complaint. Head to toe means a quick look to ensure the pt does indeed have a head and that there is a foot at the end of each leg (toes are optional & only if part of complaint and/or a diabetic issue). If a cardiac component, heart, lungs, lower legs get checked. Assessments take about a minute unless it's a nursing home poor historian. Then i do a true head to toe, mostly checking skin integrity.

    That's me, YMMV

  • Mar 10 '15
  • Feb 19 '15

    Quote from TexMex22
    If your facility went back to white uniforms for licensed nursing personnel, would you quit? Just wondering as I've heard discussions about some facilities going back to all white for nursing staff.
    No. The problem would be self-correcting as people with well water, body fluids, etc. ruined the white uniforms and guests complained that their waiters and maids looked dirty, lol

    I'd rebel and wear leopard-print man-thongs, though.

  • Feb 12 '15

    Other countries can bash us all they like. One of the main reasons this country has had the largest economy in the world is because our population doesn't forgo productivity for multiple weeks at a time on a regular basis. The countries with generous government-paid vacation time also have huge tax burdens, small economies, and usually scream at US when someone needs international aid. Because we have the money and the industry to churn it out. I'm not usually one of those to crow "Murica!" but this is one case where our international critics can pound sand, frankly.

  • Feb 7 '15

    Well first off no one made you quit a job you had for years and paid more. Second did you research BEFORE you went to nursing school the job situation? No one "betrayed" you. You are a free thinking person who can do what you want. No one owes you anything. I don't even understand what your post is about? Are you wanting people to feel sorry for you? I served in the military and then to out and lived on almost no money while I got through nursing school. If I didn't make it or get a job I sure as heck wouldn't blame anyone else. I ( one else) checked out the hospitals I wanted to work at and realized I needed a BSN for the type of career I wanted. You took a pay cut and lost seniority? What did you THINK would happen? Did you think you would just walk in and be a head nurse with automatic double what you were making before? No one but you can make yourself happy. Not anyone else's job to do it.

  • Sep 9 '14

    1- Five male roles in your cultural group?

    a) stud muffin
    b) remote controller
    c) non-heterosexual
    d) work a holic
    e) sports fan

    2- Five female roles in your cultural group?
    a) Working Mom
    b) Stay at home Mom
    c) Childless woman
    d) Welfare Mom
    e) Nun

    3- Describe communication patterns and language?

    Communication is often by texting or via Facebook

    4- Describe beliefs about personal space and touch?

    We love to have our own space. Unless we are the touchy type. Otherwise, STAY OUTTA MY BUBBLE

    5- Describe cultural beliefs about the cause of disease?

    Some of us run to the doctor for everything. Others of my kind like to use more holistic approaches

    6- Describe cultural time orientation.

    Some of those in my cultural group are always late. Some of us are on time, and are extremely annoyed by those blasted late people.

    7- Explains who makes health related decisions in a family

    Dr Oz makes the decisions in my family. Some others follow Oprah or Dr Phil

    8- Describes food prohibited and promoted diseases in your culture

    This varies. In my home, processed foods are frowned upon

    9- Describe some of the folk healing methods in your culture

    Golden Seal, Garlic, Vitamin C

  • Sep 8 '14

    Usually the rule is....unless stated by do not change an original surgical dressing without surgeon approval....or it fell off. Pressure ulcers are usually a would care nurse driven order entry....this varies by facility policy on how to initiate the call.

    As with most else in nursing find the policy and procedure information and look up that facilities policy.

  • Sep 4 '14

    On the other hand, women could:
    -look before they sit down
    -use a few squares of toiletpaper to put the seat down