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    And I feel horrible about it. the 1st one went well and it was just with HR. Today was with the unit manager. She was not easy to talk to, walking down to her office and in the elevator was awkward as she didn't speak much. She told me that working nights would be helpful to me since I am a new grad. Little to no med passes and 1 nurse to 49 pts. Then she told me that this would be a hard decision to hire a new grad since orientation would have to be longer than an experienced grad. Then before leaving she went back to they like to hire new grads because they can be trained and don't have bad habits yet and 3rd shift would be a good place to start. Why so much back and forth??? Ugh. Anyway, she has a few more to interview and will get back to me. I have applied at around 40 places and this is the 1st one to call me back. I applied in person to an MRDD facility for a PRN position and they were supposed to be running my background check and I haven't heard anything..that was 3 weeks ago. I've called every week checking on it. Sorry so long...I'm just frustrated and have nowhere else to vent

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    Quote from wifemotherstudent

    680 was passing? wow!
    Yes, and there are still 2 that can't pass it. I thought the actual NCLEX was harder than the hesi!

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    I took mine yesterday too and left feeling completely horrible! I tried PVT in the parking lot and I got the same message as you, still getting the same message! From what I read, that means we both passed!! Even though there is a new message, the old one still applies! Relax!!

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    I am taking my NCLEX-PN on Saturday and that is basically all I have been doing is questions. I'd say probably 100-150 a day and getting roughly a 70-80% on them. If I come across something I am not sure of, I add it to my list of things to study out of the book. This is how I studied for my Hesi Exit too and passed 1st try. I also have flash cards for drugs, lab values, etc.

    Good Luck!!

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    I applied with Ohio BON on June 15 and I got my ATT on August 1st. I am scheduled for August 18. They took forever!! I did hear that June/July is the busiest time for them as most graduate during that time...and they only have 2 people processing applications. I don't know how accurate that is though..

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    I graduated June 8 and am still waiting for mine. I finally heard back from the BON yesterday that they are working on June 1st applications and will probably be 2-3 weeks max before I am made eligible with PV.

    They really need more people working on applications when they get this busy!

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    I sent my resume to them before I found out that the Ohio BON is WAY behind, so they called me today and didn't see that I hadn't taken my NCLEX-PN yet. They told me to call them back after I take my test and the offer will still stand.

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    I have finished my resume and I was wondering if I should start sending it now or wait until I take my NCLEX? I posted it on Monster, but I am not sure about actually applying.

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    I ended up passing with a 940! 680 was passing (80%).

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    I know this is an OLD post but my school is having the same issue. I'm interested in how this situation played out in the end. We were told about the Hesi exit at the end of our 3rd term and we must pass to graduate. I have found on the Ohio BON website that they may not change the curriculum during the program. I am less than a week away from taking it. They can't legally hold our diploma if they gave us 10 weeks notice of this change, right? It wasn't even in writing, we just got a new book (Hesi) and told we must pass it to graduate. I feel really bad for the 2 that never did pass it and didn't graduate with their class last term. (We are the 2nd term to take it)

    Any thoughts?

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    I am also taking the evolve tests but I'm doing horribly. I take my exit on May 21st and I'm really worried. I've found a lot of errors on evolve's tests in the rationales, so I'm not paying much attention to them. I'm using the HESI CD, Saunders NCLEX CD and the Saunder's book to study.

    Sorry, I couldn't answer your question, but I would like to know too!

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    I've seen many people say they have to get a 800 or 850 to pass but we were just told today that we need a 680 and an 850 is a perfect score. Does this change from school to school? I tried to ask, but I couldn't get a straight answer.

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    I've got 7 weeks until I take my Exit. I've just been doing the practice tests on the CD and on the evolve website and reading the rationales! They seem to be helping even though it seems I don't pass the majority of them...its getting better!

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    Quote from JAngles84
    Does anyone have any information about the cost of the LPN program at the Ohio Medical Career Center? I am looking into it, I've been on the waiting list at Sinclair, and I know its the cheapest, but honestly, I am sick of waiting! I'm ready to get going with my work! If this is a bad program then I will continue to wait. The website gives almost no information, so I have no clue about costs or much about the program at all. Obviously I know the difference between going to Sinclair and getting my associates vs doing an LPN and then transfering to finish my associates. I guess I'm just torn and trying to figure out the best move to make. All of these waitlists, different colleges with different costs, pre-req's, ect. just has me more and more confused. Just trying to figure it all out. If anyone can answer any of my questions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if my pre-req's would transfer or if I would be forced to retake some classes, like I've been told at other colleges like Hondros. Any information would be a big help. Thank you.

    J- Dayton, Ohio
    If its not too late, turn and run as far as possible from this school. Either wait and go to Sinclair or go somewhere else. Honestly, I wish I would've listened to my gut and gone somewhere else.

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    Our only Pre-reqs were CNA and Medical Terminology.