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    As todays nursing students we are learning to think for ourselves. We do not need to be spoonfed information but are taught to research & actively learn. It has been proven that students who actively learn, retain the information 50-80%. Whereas students that just sit & listen to a lecturer only retain 10%. Wouldn't you rather have a new RN with a retained education or a spoonfed education?

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    I want to thank both of you for helping me out. I wanted to get some real life delegation. Not what the book exactly says but how a RN really handles the situations.

    Thank you again. I plan on using your responses for our presentaiton.

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    Good Evening everyone,

    I am currently a 4th semester Nursing Student and will soon graduate in May 2008. My partner & myself are currently working on a presentation with the topic of Supervising, Managing, & Delegating Client Care. My partner & I are asking for realistic suggestions for new RN's on this topic from all experienced nurses or newly graduated nurses. If you could give us pointers on how to delegate to others (LPN, CNA, etc), how to manage client care of many clients, or other pointers or tips that you believe new RN's need to know or should know.

    Thank you & We appreciate it.

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    I am going to be starting nursing school soon. I am just trying to get my prerequistes out of the way first. I just need to get a little more clarification on and Associate RN and a BS RN. I have looked into both of them but there are different prereq. for each. I was told that they pretty much are the same, but the only difference is that a BS RN can supervise and the other can not. Is this true? The one school that is offering the Associate RN also will offer a distance learning for the BS (after completion).