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  • Feb 15

    Quote from klone
    I think it's unfair to judge the level of a parent's grief by how their makeup and nails and clothes look. Everyone handles grief differently.
    Excuse me, but I was not JUDGING, I stated how I would probably be/feel if that was my precious daughter...I would not be in any shape to be shown on TV station after TV station, interview after interview. Any my hair and nails would be a mess and I certainly wouldn't be wearing a face full of make up. That's me though. Maybe her mother's priorities are different than mine.

    Like I said before, I do feel terrible for the family, but I am also a realist and can read people and their intentions VERY well. Call it psychic or just years of being a nurse, regardless I have seen grief from all sorts of people and from all walks of life and I have never seen someone be able to pull themselves together like this, and so frequently, period. I feel that this has become about the proverbial payday at that'll no doubt be given out by this hospital, the surgeons malpractice insurance company, and who ever else this lawyer decides to sue.

    At this point I honestly DO NOT feel that this family, the uncle, and especially the lawyer have this girls best interests at heart. Have you ever cared for a brain dead child on a vent? It is a horrible thing to do...Eyes open and rolling all over, limp as can be, no reflexes, NOTHING is there. Jahi, for all intents and purposes, is GONE. She has already passed. It disgusts me that after six physicians and the courts this family is STILL pushing for her to be kept going on the vent and probably meds/pressors. For what? A miracle that is probably NEVER going to happen?

    I wish to God we could hear the hospital's and nurses's side of this story. What really happened.

    In all my years of being a nurse, I have taken care of ONE patient, ONE ADULT patient, who had this VERY invasive surgery for obstructive sleep apnea (and no, it wasn't JUST a ROUTINE tonsillectomy, btw). I'd bet any amount of money the ENT first suggested a trach so she could go on the vent at night, bypassing the obstructed airway. But, people have such a stigma when it comes to trachs. Myself, I love them. They're a nice and stable airway, all the time. Anyhow, I hope we, the public and medical professionals the world over, are able to learn what really happened.

  • Feb 14

    A few things: I feel for this family, I truly do and I never want to be in their shoes. I pray that their God gives them the strength to make the right decision for JAHI, not themselves... With that said, I cannot help but also feel they are turning this into nothing but a possible payday and a publicity stunt. The countless press conferences, interviews and appearances on the news, with nails and makeup flawless, is just disgusting to me. Thought this was about their precious baby Jahi? Not momma and daddy on every freaking news channel, newspaper, and website out there! If that was my kid? If I was on the news, after facing so much grief and the loss of my child? I'd look a mess! I would not have my hair and nails done, wearing custom tee shirts with different slogans; that's FOR SURE.

    The news cannot even keep up with what the family "wants". In fact, they're now asking for "donations" to have her "airlifted" out of the STATE to another facility (sorry, but I PRAY to GOD that it isn't where I work) that will "take her the way she is, ET tubed, probable pressors, NG/NJ and all. What type of facility, I mean reputable facility, would get involved in this? I cannot think of any that would take on a brain dead patient, who is not trached and without a PEG tube, which leads me to believe this family is looking for more attention and a $20k payout from the delusional people donating. The $20k is the amount THEY say it'll cost to have her FLOWN to another state. Last time I checked, it cost a LOT more than $20k to move an ICU patient by air, to another facility.

    The point is, this girl has been found (by several docs, including one appointed by her family) to be BRAIN DEAD, not in a PVS, BRAIN DEAD, BRAIN DEAD, BRAIN DEAD. The fact that this "lawyer" and her family keep going to the media, going on and on, saying that she is "alive" and they're just waiting for her to "wake up" is just sickening to me, as a nurse and a mother. As a mother, I hope to never have to go through this, but I also know that my daughter would NEVER want to go through something like this and I will respect her wishes. Yes, we've talked about this very thing, more than once.

    As far as her procedure goes, that was quite an extensive surgery to go through for OSA. I bet her ENT docs suggested a trach, given how much work they had to do in order to "create" an open enough airway to circumvent the OSA. Again, the hospital wants so badly to share "their side of things" but are prevented because of HIPAA.

    As a side, I also read in the comments of one of the other news articles (SF Chronicle) that her family was encouraging her to laugh and also gave her a HAMBURGER to eat, shortly after surgery....Weather this is true or not remains to be seen, but until and if the hospital's side of things come out, no one should just assume that they (the hospital, docs, and nurses) did something wrong or made a mistake.

    I pray the Lord takes this girl's body all the way home, without anyone "pulling the plug", and puts an end to all of this. It is disgusting to me that the media is SO INTO THIS and it baffles me that the parents and family are ready, at the blink of an eye, to give interview after interview...Why aren't they by their precious baby's side? Like I said before, I would be a hot mess and in no way in any shape to talk to the media, regardless of how many days have passed.

    Sorry for the rant, but if you have never cared for a TRULY brain dead child, being kept alive by a vent and tube feeds, etc., you just don't and will not understand. I have and it is by far the creepiest thing I have ever done, ever. "THEY" are GONE! There is NOTHING there and the times I have cared for these kids I knew that THEY had already passed on to the other side (please, don't ask me how I knew, I just did as some of us are more intuitive than others when it comes to things like this). The body is nothing but a shell, a vessel for the soul.

    My prayers go out to the girl, and her family. I pray the family gets it together and does the RIGHT THING for their daughter and puts an end to this media, legal, and possible payday madness.