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  • Apr 12 '17

    I just this week went through this scenario. I had interviewed for a new grad residency position at the hospital I have been wanting to get into but didn't get it. I then went weeks without hope then had an interview at an LTAC facility. It went well, they picked their top five candidates but only had 4 offers. Guess who was their 5th choice? Yep, me! Ugh! I was disappointed but the nurse recruiter told me that if someone had to back out, they would be calling me with an offer. During this time, the new grad residency hospital was able to open some more spots and the nurse recruiter there set me up with 4 interviews for this week. Lo and behold, the recruiter at the LTAC facility called me Monday with an offer! Someone that had accepted an offer decided to go with a different hospital. I accepted the offer because they also have a great internship program for new grads and, I needed a job! . I had 3 of my 4 interviews this past Wed. that went very well with one of the nurse managers wanting to hire me on the spot! Yesterday I got a call from this hospital with two offers! I weighed the pros and cons and decided that the new grad residency hospital was going to better suit my needs. Let me tell you though, I struggled last night with how to tell the LTAC facility I had accepted an offer with that I decided to take a position elsewhere. Never having to do this before, I too was afraid of burning bridges. After getting friends opinions on how to handle it and reading these forums here, I made the call to the LTAC facility this morning and declined their offer just stating that I had decided to take another position elsewhere that would be better suited for me. The recruiter was very kind and gracious, told me she was disappointed I wouldn't be working with them, wished me luck in my endeavors and told me to please contact them in the future should my needs change (prob classic HR response). Either way, she made me feel fine about my decision and I figure, this happens a lot with new grads when there are residencies and options to choose from. I cancelled my interview that was scheduled for today because I knew which offer I was going to take. I still shake my head at how it all went down for me...going several weeks in between interviews, going from one offer that I first accepted to 4 interviews in a week with two offers coming out of 3 of those interviews! I'm very thankful, and excited...I start my residency program (already in session and classes I've missed will be tacked onto the end), this Wednesday!

    Congrats on your new job too!!