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    So sorry for you he has a mental illness,it's obvious you are ill as well. If you were reading to a child you would correct his/her error you would not allow them to call a cat a dog nor a human being a tiger so why would you allow him to say and believe this lie and go along with this delusions.delusions - believe lie accept as truth

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    Mental illness is a disease that can be handled in several ways 1. Therapy 2. Medication 3. Spiritual Religion 4. Combination of the above. It's a mad mad world after all. The only thing that can dispel a lie is absolute truth. We teach our children to tell the truth and to stand up for what is right under the most extreme circumstances.

    Reading a book we identify images as they are not what we want them to be. We call a dog a dog and a cat is a cat. Black is black and white is white. However, we have allowed mental illness to prevail in this country. It's a mad mad world after all, when it comes to certain things we had no choice nor discussion in the matter, our birthdate, parents, birth order, race and citizenship. That was decided long before we were born and we accepted it as absolute truth. However if a person that was dark as night say they were white or white as snow and say they are black. We would not dare call a cat a dog nor teach our children to do the same. We would seek getting them help knowing that they have a mental illness so if you are mentally ill and in need of help please seek appropriate care but don't expect me to go along with your lie and delusions. You suffer from mental illness. Mr. Jenner is a man he needs to accept the truth and seek help for his mental illness support him getting his mind right and in line with the truth.

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    I usually tell them that is not acceptable behavior and redirect when possible would you do this behavior to your love one which they usually say no and they usually get better I leave if they don't and let them calm down I ask why they are having this behavior sometimes there is a need they have not being met I meet the needs I can and possibly negotiate when I can

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    Working with the elderly can be a pleasure to work with what is the funniest thing someone has said to you? Scenario during 6am Med pass.
    Nurse"good morning time to take your medicine "
    Resident " where do I live"
    Nurse "at the -------
    Resident "how long have I been here?
    Nurse " a few years
    Resident" where is it located
    Nurse "town and state "
    Residents where do I live?
    Nurse at the -------
    Resident how old am I
    Nurse in your 80's
    Resident where am I
    Nurse at the -----
    Residents. How long have. I been. here
    nurse a few years
    Residents states Am I usually this. confused?
    Every morning Abbott and Costello whose. On first hilarious

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    coming soon a reality tv show titled "Stethoscopes gone wild"

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    "Now, you get to see how I feel said the stethoscope."

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    "This is how you know when you're having a bad day, when the stethoscope starts wearing you out and you not wearing it out, it's time to go home"

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    "I just wanted to hear what the new grad said to HR when they decided to quit, since I couldn't be a fly on the wall, I chose this option."

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    "That's it I've had it with this nursing... Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when you've been licked. If you feel this overwhelmed everyday it's time to let it go." "Don't you think?"

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    good job share what you learned. it might just help others who also work or intend to work in ltc. what are your expectations for those under your charge?

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    I have had the same problems that you mentioned and still struggle sometimes. I have learned myself and work very hard at self improvement. Some people have that look of being timid and some formidable. Are you normally passive, learn to be assertive, and if possible reflect and learn to get better for the second round. One former boss said I have this blank look on my face all the time. You know when you first arrived at work people already sized you up and others join in the chime when they hear others gossip. The best way to dispel their belief system. Glean where you can, be cordial, respectful and professional at alll times. It's work not a social club, and be self taught and proactive in your learning look up the meds you normally deal with since you stated been there 1 year and what procedures and kinds of patients you deal with learn contingencies and pre/post op s/s to be aware of and pay attention especially before giving new meds of allergies before writing an order have all needed info for the pcp when a call is needed right in front of you. And if you think you need some support or counseling by all means seek it out. Pray and ask God to build you up and to build your self-esteem. Prepare your self for success. And should you hear something that is true or not work on making it better and then move on.

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    would've could've should've easy to say when you have not experienced it first hand she is alive lived to see another day. my first reaction was anger and thinking she was a coward but then i repented and i couldnt imagine the thoughts going through her head after all she did save two lives that day hers and her coworker should it matter the age of the life that she saved. no we just dont know she as well as others will be suffering from ptsd and the sad part is all from school violence which has become common place i shrudder to think that one day it will not be breaking news. we have become desensitized to these things no closer to the solution than we were 20 years ago when they first began why should we tolerate one life being lost in our society. see how many people are killed in your town annually and get angry and concerned enough to want to change it. i don't believe we need assault rifles to protect our homes if you desire a hand gun practice safety and use precautions by all means. Be concerned about your neighbor and the way some of you act towards one another is despicable. Jesus instructed us to love him and each other if we could treat people the way we want to be treated then maybe some of these acts can be avoided. and that nurse lunging at him wouldn't have done anything but add to the body count if he killed his mother who was sleeping in her bed, he had no connection that we know of to anyone in that school. so he chose innocent defenseless targets little children. mt 7 says judge not that we be not judged we can't say what we would have done personally i try to avoid painful situations at all cost and this is very painful for those personally involved and for us as a nation let us love and pray for one another and mind your tongue.

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    If we simply followed the two greatest commandments mt. 22:37, 39 then this world would be a much better world to live in or just treat others how you want to be treated. Merry Christmas

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    Everyone in the healthcare team matter everyone can not be the quarterback then who's going long to catch the ball the wide receiver is but you still need that person to catch that ball and make that touch down and win the game. Go long nurses. Those cna block for us and allow us to move the ball up the field. keep it moving. touchdown we score great healthcare provided to the patient. congrats to all.

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    By the way your survey card was sent to the north pole
    I'll make sure your survey card is checked "Naughty"