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  • Jan 16 '15

    Hi everyone!
    I am here just to put my long experience with the dreaded NCLEX. It has been a long journey I am just so happy I can finally say I don't have to worry anymore. But to the point.
    I have taken the NCLEX twice. I graduated back in May from a 4 year bachelors nursing program. My school was a fight to pass kind of program but through the struggle I graduated within the 4 years. I was pretty much an A- to B- kinda student in school. Senior year I honestly was more into having fun but I still got what I needed to do done. So once I graduated I paid got my ATT and scheduled my NCLEX 2 days before my birthday on August 19th my school had us on Kaplan so I used the online Kaplan website, the classroom experience, and bought myself a Saunders book. But I was too preoccupied in having fun during the summer that I honestly studied cramming pretty much within 3 weeks so I went to take the test and bombed that test because I didn't know what to expect GOT ALL 265 questions!!!!! I knew I failed great birthday gift right? So I was right I did.

    2nd time:
    i scheduled my next nclex for October something can't remember and began watching Kaplan content videos slowly grasping what they were saying. Started following along in the book and whatever topics they went over in the video I went over questions on focused reviews on Kaplan and read over whatever they said in the Kaplan book and Saunders. I ended up constantly rescheduling my test until I ended up with December 22nd. Bought myself the la charity book! BEST INVESTMENT FOR PRIORITY AND DELEGATION! i finished brushing up on content on thanksgiving day and started focusing on questions and rationales. My computer constantly had 4 tabs. The Saunders online questions site, la charity's question site, Kaplan, and ReMars blog (great too) and wait can't forget my Microsoft word doc I put whatever I needed to remember. I signed up for another online classroom anywhere session with Kaplan and it helped out way more because I now knew content. Once again I rescheduled my test for January 12th.

    Stuck to my date went to the same testing site. Less anxiety. Prayed, asked God to guide me he knew how much I prepared and did not want to come back to take that test again. My test was so hard but that's a good sign I got to 50 I took a break because I was sitting there like *** are you all asking me got to 75 took another break. Came back and I swear it was getting worse stopped at 120 and looked at the screen and said "lord please make this test end I can't do this anymore" low and behold got to question 145 the easiest question I have ever seen in my whole entire life it was a drag and drop did it in .05 seconds and the screen turned blue. I was about to cry because that question was too good to be true

    Went home cried for hours. Question was too easy but I knew I got it right thank God for my friends and family they were amazing. COME WEDNESDAY WHILE I WAS AT WORK I CHECKED MY PEARSON VUE RESULTS AND SAW PASS. I cried and cried in the staff room my co workers were just like omg !!!!! Best feeling ever! All I can say is study hard. Don't take this test as an easy college level test it's not. Pray and do what you have to do I am a testimony. Just remember the 48 hours after the test are horrid so have plans lol but good luck to everyone

  • Jan 9 '15

    Quote from JENNIFER27
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was looking for your post )))))))) I am so happy for you!!!!!
    awwww thank you so much!

  • Jan 9 '15

    I got a 61% on my readiness test, passed 1st time with 75q.

  • Jan 9 '15

    My diagnostic was 55% and my readiness was 61% and I passed first time. I was very nervous as well, and two days before my exam, I called Kaplan and asked them to unlock the diagnostic so I could take it again and I scored a 79%. It really eased my nerves and there was no charge to have them do that, you may want to try it just to be able to relax a little.

  • Jan 9 '15

    Quote from JENNIFER27
    Yessss keep us posted!!!!
    just learned this morning that i passed!

  • Jan 8 '15

    It's your Readiness that need to be at 60 or more. The diagnostic showed where you need to go use on study but still want the 60 your really right there. Our guy said when you take your readiness if it's in the 60s you're ready

  • Jan 8 '15

    i think the kaplan rep told my class the ideal score was 60-65, so you're right there. i scored 71% and took the boards today, so we'll see if that percentage means anything soon.

  • Jan 6 '15

    I graduated from ITT tech on December 14th and scheduled my test date for December 29th. I attended a Kaplan live review course from December 15-18. I worked full time as a tech on a telemetry unit during this time also.

    ITT requires all students to pass their hesi exit exam with a minimum score of 850 or higher (I believed this helped me the most since I had to take it twice). I mostly used nclex mastery (phone app), Saunders yellow book, and Kaplan to study. Mastery and Saunders was def the foundation I needed for content while Kaplan truly helped me look at questions in a totally different way than I have ever used before in nursing school (Kaplan questions are very similar to nclex questions).

    The day before my exam I stayed in a hotel since my testing center was two hours away. I highly suggest that you do not drive far if the testing center is not within your city the day of testing. On my way to the city of testing the day before I truly just studied testing strategies from a Kaplan book to calm my nerves. My wife and I had a very relaxing day including going out to eat for lunch and supper and relaxing in the hotel room after watching our favorite tv shows (law and order/lie to me).

    The day of the test I was very anxious and was very nauseous, but I made sure to eat breakfast since I knew this test could take up to six hours long! Once I got to the testing center about a half an hour early I was welcomed by the front desk. I was signed in using a palm vein scanner and was shown a paper of all the nclex rules. Next I was Palm vein scanned into the testing room where I was able to have ear plugs and noise canceling headphones which they provided thankfully! After the tutorial I took three deep breaths and started just like I was answering Kaplan questions. Next I noticed I was at 75 questions and I started to shake a little. I hit next and kept going, the next time I looked up I was at about 100 and didn't even remember answering the questions I just answered because I was so anxious, but I felt good about the test so far. I took a deep breath and really tried hard for the next 10 questions and it shut off at 110 for me! I was bitter sweet about the whole test because you just don't know even though I felt good about it.

    In the car almost back to my home town (2 hrs away) I did the new Pearson vue trick. I received the good pop up, but it's not 100% accurate till after 24 hrs so I was still very unsure about the whole thing still even though friends were calling me RN already..

    The next day I checked the state board of nursing of Indiana and my license number was posted by 8 am!

    This experience is very humbling, but I truly believe that anyone can achieve what I have achieved. I was considered "slow" in elementary and look at me now!

    Sincerely, Harrison Walter RN

  • Dec 31 '14

    Yes Texas has quick results. I just received a PASS!!!

  • Dec 31 '14

    Hello everyone, you may remember me from these past months. I have finally passed my RN NCLEX examination, after graduating last May. I didnt get the letter in the mail yet, but my name and license number has been posted on the NY nursing board!! I guess third time is the charm. I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support throughout the months, I really appreciate it!!
    Also like to thank my friends, family and almighty God!! f I can do it, then so can all of you, if you put in the effort and dont give up!

  • Dec 31 '14

    yes, a wonderful new years gift indeed! Cant wait to start working and moving on with life. I pray 2015 will be a better year of success for all of us!!!

  • Dec 1 '14


    I want to encourage anyone about to take nclex.

    I took nclex 2nd time and passed.

    During the exam, i did not have that many Sata questions. I was freaking out because "people" say that when you get alot of sata that means your passing. NOT true. Out of the 126 questions I got, majority were Priority "first, most" etc. I probably only had 10-15 sata. I wasnt counting. But for those few sata I eliminated answers using T/F.Good luck everyone.

  • Nov 27 '14

    Hi everyone,

    These past months flew by but were also quite tough after losing a job offer due to failing the nclex....after 75 questions. Yes, 75. This meant I BOMBED it, which totally makes sense because I took a break from school and pretty much forgot a lot of med-surg stuff!

    Anyway, I cried for a week and went back to studying. I took the exam this past Friday, results were on hold due to my cold hands not being able to be detected by the palm machine, and at 6 AM this thanksgiving license was posted on the CA Board of Nursing website.

    Here are some study tips. This post is long btw!

    Failing at 75 questions: All my nursing friends who already passed told me to do a bunch of questions and don't waste time reviewing content. I read some of the chapters on Saunders and decided to just do lots of questions. My thought process was, "C'mon how bad can it be? I just graduated from a nursing school with a 95% pass rate. How can I not pass?" So I rushed and set my exam date. I took the nclex and it was nothing like I thought it would be. I left the test center feeling like I didn't do superb, but not so bad that I failed it in 75 questions.

    Then I went home and did the PVT trick with a card with no money, lo and behold, I get the insufficient funds page--> Fail. The trick worked for me, although I have read it doesn't for some people.

    Studying second time:
    I read and created study guides on Word doc for every chapter for Saunders, condensing/summarizing the important points. This is how I studied through out nursing school. I have no idea why I changed my method when it came to taking the first NCLEX...probably out of haste and being overwhelmed. Do what works for you. I took my time (about 2 chapters a day) for 3 weeks to review content and do some Saunders (easy) questions. If you failed before, focus even more on the sections you were below passing on your CPR.

    Pharmacology: I watched the Pharmacology video on Kaplan on demand and practically memorized everything that was said.There is no other way out of it... I knew almost every drug on my exam. I got a huge poster board and divided into individual boxes labeled with drug class name. Then I got small flash cards with each drug name. I would radomly pick out a drug card, place it on the correct drug class box, and recite the important facts regarding it.

    Practice Questions: After reviewing content, I did 50-100 questions/day for about 3 weeks from the Kaplan Qbank, Lippincott Q&A, and PDA. My Qbank scores on my first try ranged from 40's to 60's. After a thorough content review, my scores were consistently above 60's. I read all the rationales behind right and wrong answers, and wrote the important ones in a notebook. While doing questions, I revisited my study guides mentioned above..a few each day.

    Topics to review:

    I can't reveal specifics about my exam because it's illegal, but please make sure you know the basics of some topics that are often only glanced over such as: Nursing ethics terminology, Psych defense mechanisms, Meds (Digoxin, Phenytoin, Lithium, Insulin, all antihypertensives, all bronchodilators, steroids, anticoagulants, thrombolytics, blood products, and IV fluids), Fluid and electrolyte balance, routine procedures (Blood glucose check, stool sample, NG tube feeding/medication/insertion/removal, transfusions, incentive spirometer, MDI, IM/SC injection, chest tube maintenance), traction and cast care, crutch/cane/walker, pediatric conditions (hip dysplasia, von-willebrand, B-thalassemia, fifth's disease, PKU,etc), OB (ectopic pregnancy, fetal alcohol withdrawal syndrome, etc) immunization schedule, lab values...

    Of course there is so so much more to that list. Basically what I'm saying is...there is rote memorization that is required to pass this exam, on top of the critical thinking skills. Make a list of topics you need to review and attack each section slowly and consistently.

    Gauging whether I passed or not:
    Many people say they had a bunch of medications and diseases that they have NEVER heard of. Well, I had one drug I've never heard of and a few answer choices with disease processes I wasn't too familiar with. Other than that, I was very familiar or at least somewhat familiar with everything on my exam. Because of these "easy questions" I was very convinced that I failed again. Everyone's experience with the nclex is so different. It's really hard to gauge whether a question is above or below passing level. My last question (76th) was a content regurgitation SATA.

    I left the test center feeling like I didn't get a chance to prove myself by answering many higher level questions. Btw, I had less than 10 SATA questions

    My test results were on hold so I couldn't even try the pop up trick, leaving me very stressed out. Then it suddenly changed to the good pop up 62-ish hours later! And 48 hours after my pop up changed, my license was posted!

    I can't leave out the fact that I am a Christian. My faith is my life. So there was a lot of meditating and prayer throughout this process. I know this is just the beginning of my career and I'm so blessed and excited for the challenges and blessings ahead. This is hands down the most memorable Thanksgiving day ever! Please feel free to PM me with any questions you have. God Bless!

  • Nov 26 '14

    UPDATE: purchased the quick results today @ 8 am. PASSED! Thanks to God!!

  • Nov 24 '14

    Hello AN!! I just wanted to vent about my nclex journey thus far. First off let me say that this forum is helping me to build the confidence I need just knowing that there are people who share the same struggle as me and it's amazing. I am on here everyday just reading and responding to other people. I deleted Facebook when I started getting serious about studying so this is pretty much my replacement. Anyway, I have taken Nclex two times already ( which is not something I admitted to many people) I felt ashamed, sad, angry etc.. But I have finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I have already accomplished so much and I will accomplish this as well. First time around I had 75 questions automatic fail. I only studied using kaplan and only used the q trainers and I didn't even complete all of them. I jumped around and the ones I did, I only read rationales for my wrong answers. Needless to say, I did not fully understand how I should study. The second time around I said I would really focus, I started to understand what I needed to do in order to pass this thing. I used the q trainers again and completed them, Looking up everything that wasn't familiar to me or I didn't understand ,read all rationales including right and wrong answers BUT I did not get through all of q7 rationales. I used the lippincott q & a book but only reviewed Ob, I used lippincott Alternative format questions book (not entirely) and kaplan strategies book . This book was the only one I completed, all the content inside as well as every single question. I also read the 35 pg study guide but one time was not enough. This all gave me a better understanding but I still did not pass, I ended the test with 265 questions so I did get somewhere. I now know I need to finish what I started. I started my kaplan review from the beginning , And I'm going to do everything in its entirety. I'm going through the content videos and will do the q trainers over and also complete the qbank. I am almost done with the alternative format book, I purchased lacharity PDA because I had tons of priority questions last time and I know I could use the help. I made a list of things I will complete before I test again. I know I will be successful this time around and I am glad to finally be able to refocus and put the work in that I need to finally put this test behind me. Thank you sooo much to anyone that took the time out to read this long post ! And good luck to all of you in your future endeavors