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Latest Comments by missvictoriat

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    I graduated 12/13/14.
    I just took the AANP and passed yesterday (1/28/15). I applied for the APRN licensure today with the TX board of nursing. I also mailed off my official transcript to the TX board of nursing today (1/29/14. I should have done this sooner).

    Do you have to wait for the AANP to send you the official document saying you passed for you to send it to the TX BON? Or can I send the TX BON that stamped sealed preliminary PASSED piece of paper that the testing center gives you when you pass?

    I'm trying to make the process quick as well.

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    Is anyone taking Advanced Assessment for Spring 2013 at TWU (Denton campus) for the FNP program? Or has anyone taken Advanced Assessment at TWU for the FNP program?

    I wanted to get some feedback and incite on how this class will be and what to expect.

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    Hey guys,

    I am at TWU (Denton campus) FNP program. Spring 2012 will be my 2nd semester. I'm going part-time and I have a LONG time before I begin clinicals. But hearing this has disturbed me. So have you guys gotten clinical sites yet? What advice can you give me before I begin clinicals? What campuses are you guys at?

    I saved you guys as friends. I hope you don't mind and I would appreciate any advice you could give me.


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    CONGRATS! What schools do you guys attend?