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    Am I the only one that has not recieved a letter yet

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    Did anyone apply to LVN-RN bridge here ??

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    I did not recieve mine yet either & I am getting worried being that everybody got denials today as well

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    Not true. Some people got acceptance, some got denials already. I have a pretty good feeling, but I havent recieved my letter yet either. Lets just keep our fingers crossed. It sucks because mine may come tomorrow and I'm leaving out of town for the weekend

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    Congrats to all of you who recieved your acceptance letter. I am 3.5 miles away, still havent gotten my letter

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    heeey guys. i just joined this sight, BUT been stalking it every since i took my test. MAR.22 & it stopped me at 110, my plan was to take it before april 1. lol.., i did the PVT & got the "good pop-up". but im still stressing because im not sure if the PVT is 100%. when do you guys think RESULTS will be in ? thaaank yu. would really appreciate feed-back